The FRSC Zonal Commanding Officer in charge of FCT and Niger State, Shehu Mohammed, gave the advice on Saturday in Abuja. He gave the advice while addressing personnel of the Commission during a “national patrol” held at FRSC Nyanyan Unit Command.

The FRSC National patrol is a monthly programme, organised by the special marshal’s arm of the FRSC to sensitise motorists and road users. Mohammed said the advice was important following the current fuel situation in the country, where motorists now block sections of the road in FCT while trying to buy patrol.

He also advised officers of the commission to improve on strategic thinking, interventions and actions that promote public confidence in the commission and road safety in Nigeria. He urged both regular and special marshal of the commission to shun any act that could tarnish the image of the commission but sustain public engagement and awareness that promote road safety.

“As special marshal, you should stop to assist motorists whose vehicle had an issue on the highway either to call a mechanic or towing van.

“These are the things that boost our image not just enforcement. The Corps Marshal himself last week told us that enforcement is just about 50 per cent of FRSC activities.

“What we need to do more is public enlightenment, public awareness and doing things that will make the public have confidence in us,” Mohammed said.

The Sector Commander, Mr Ogah Ochi, urged FRSC officers to continue to deliver their services to the nation with all diligence. Ochi, who warned against any form of harassment of the personnel of the commission on duty, advised the officers not to hesitate to report such cases whenever they happened.

The State Coordinator, Special Marshal, FCT Command, Sani Adisa, said the essence of the national patrol was to further sensitise motorists.

He said that this involved the need for them to be more careful, conscious, particularly now that majority of the roads are being blocked due to fuel scarcity.

“If you say you have bottled anger, you don’t know what others have within them. We don’t want a situation where this will lead to civil unrest.

“My advice to people on queue for fuel is that they should know that they have the right to buy fuel.“Other Nigerians have the right to pass by the side of the filling station without necessarily blocking the road.

“They can buy their fuel being civil, patient and disciplined. Let us maintain one lane instead of three, four lanes blocking the entire road. “We should not say because of the situation we find ourselves in, then we should take the laws into our hands. No,” he added.

Adisa also advised uniform personnel to be civil with civilians, as all Nigerians have equal rights.

He stated that the operation was to ensure free flow of traffic in Abuja and across the country and this would be sustained daily.

The Nyanyan Unit Commander, ACC Sabena Musa, advised owners of fueling stations to ensure that only those on the queue are attended to.

“If we are on the queue no matter how long it is, it will be faster when one is dispensing to the right people,” Musa said.

She also advised the motorists to do the right thing and desist from jumping queues at fueling stations.

Musa said that the FRSC in the units has been working and would continue to work with fueling stations within the unit to ensure the free flow of traffic.

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