Fuel Saving Tips – The current price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), also known as fuel or petrol has been increased to N151.56 per litre in Nigeria, which is almost N200. This is where we are currently in Nigeria and now fuel is a luxury. Not many people in Nigeria can afford to spend up to a hundred and fifty naira in a day, but it is the current price of fuel in Nigeria.

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Fuel is now regarded as extremely important and people now buy in bulks or weigh their journeys before climbing into their cars to burn fuel. Saving fuel is not just about reducing the number of times you drive with you, there are so many other fuel-saving tips you may not know about as a car owner or driver. In this article, I want to educate you about 10 tips that may come in handy when it comes to saving fuel, especially if your car is not fuel-efficient. Read Top 10 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars In Nigeria

Fuel Saving
Fuel Saving

These 10 fuel saving tips for your cars are:

  • 1) Only use the AC in your car when you are hot:

It is the condition of a person that makes him or her bend. Always using an Air Conditioner when driving helps to keep your head cool and calm, but what happens when you are trying to manage money and save fuel in your car? The wise thing to do is to remove those things that are not overly necessary. So don’t always use a car AC except you are hot, tired and thirsty. For a tip, you can install or put a rechargeable fan in your car, it also helps a lot.

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  • 2) Don’t push the accelerator down too much:

If you are pressing the accelerator down too much then you are burning a lot more fuel. A car is a complex component, so you may be surprised that holding the accelerator down to avoid changing to a lower gear is what is always drinking up your fuel. Now that you know, you should consider changing gears frequently when driving.

  • 3) Drive smoothly and drive at an average speed:

Why are you running? No actually, why are you running? Where is it that you are running to? Did you know that driving smoothly is a process that involves steady acceleration and deceleration? This means that when you drive smoothly, you have time to stop and change your speed quickly without affecting your fuel gauge. Also when driving at a very high speed, your car engine has to double its energy and it drinks up fuel as an energy boost. As much as driving cool is fun, when you are trying to manage your fuel, looking cool and fun should not be the objective. So try driving at a limited speed and see your fuel last longer.

  • 4) Do not rev the engine:

Honestly, I would pay to go for an engine revving competition, where car lovers just go and rev their engines all day. Doing that is all fun and super cool till you are on the side of saving fuel. Revving up your car engine gulps down on your fuel. So, if you are trying to save a few bucks every day, just start your car engine and be on your way, no one will hold you for not revving it up.

  • 5) Use the right type of fuel:

In petrol cars, engines compress the fuel before it is detonated in the cylinders. The higher the compression, the more the amount of energy is used at the point of combustion. In Nigeria, if there is a fuel subsidy there are always black markets where people go to get cheap fuel, as much as it seems great for the time being you can be affecting your car, and also if you pay attention you tend to buy a lot more of those types of fuel because they do not last. The only type of fuel that lasts is the standard duel bought at gas stations.

  • 6) Use the correct car engine oil:

Using the right engine oil helps to save your fuel and also prolong your car engine’s life. In Nigeria, there are many people on the roadside selling unadulterated engine oil at cheap prices, but buying from such people can only kill your car.

  • 7) Do not rest on the car brake:

This tip may be surprising because so many people are already guilty of it. But old things are now passed, and you should be focused on unlearning one of the things to note is that resting on your car brake while driving is drinking up your fuel! Resting your foot on the car brake takes up fuel and now you know you should be more attentive so you don’t end up thinking that someone is sharing your car fuel with you.

  • 8) Avoid driving on bad roads:

No one actually sees a bad road and wants to drive on it wilfully. Like I said earlier, it is the condition you face that puts your back in a certain way. Potholes and bad roads make your car want to work harder so it won’t falter. A car working harder means that it needs to gulp fuel as it is going. So try sticking to good roads whenever you have the chance, especially if you are trying to cut costs on fuel. But in Nigeria, you don’t go to the bad roads; the bad roads come to you. Such a sad thing!

  • 9) Don’t drive when there is a traffic peak:

If you live in Lagos, Nigeria I apologize to you in advance but I have to tell you that driving during the rush hour will make you double your hustle. This means that you will spend double the price because you will buy fuel more than once. So, if you are trying to cut costs, maybe try coming out of your house earlier than most people or better still work from home or you can drive out later when the traffic must have cleared up.

  • 10) Reduce the number of times your car is being worked:

Always using your car is the primary reason why your car fuel is always finishing up. Of course, this tip is widely known, but I thought I to remind you.


Knowing how important fuel is today, it is important to learn about the several ways your fuel can last longer. All these tips are just a few, there are many more that will help you save your fuel. I look forward to seeing fewer queues at the gas station, so everyone is driving smiling. If you have to do the number one tip in this article, contact me to learn how to install a fan in your car. I am only kidding, but really good luck to you!

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