The French government has offered €4,000 (approx. 2.7 million naira) to anyone who trades in their gas-powered cars for e-bikes. According to The Verge, the money is expected to incentivise people to dump their ‘polluting modes of transportation for options that are more environmentally friendly.

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The subsidy was first introduced in 2021, with a smaller amount, and was increased recently to close the bike-riding gaps between France and other European countries. The goal is to get to 9% of the country using an e-bike by 2024, still far from The Netherlands’ 27%.

President Emmanuel Macron also said it would invest €250 million (about N105 trillion) to make the city of Paris entirely bikeable, for e-bike riders.

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The city’s current mayor, Anne Hidalgo, won reelection last year on a promise to add another 130 kilometres (over 80 miles) of bike-safe pathways over the next five years.

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