Four Things You Should Never Do to Your Car Tire Wheels

Car wheels maintenance tips
Four Things You Should Never Do to Your Car Tire Wheels

Car wheels are one of the most important and yet most underrated aspects of your car. The only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, every car owner depends on the wheels and tires to keep us safe and heading in the right direction. 

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It’s surprising, then, how many people treat wheels and tires so poorly, and take them for granted. In fact, there are a handful of harmful habits and trends that can damage or ruin our car’s wheels, and some of them include: 

Intentionally Entering Potholes

Hitting a pothole can do a lot of damage to your car’s wheel, but also the suspension and numerous other parts. While many parts of your car’s suspension can be damaged, that isn’t the point here. Your wheels can become bent and disfigured, causing them to leak air and, in more serious cases, cause your car to shake violently as you drive. This can sometimes be repaired though often the best solution is to replace the wheel altogether.

Always Curbing Your Wheels

You can’t always avoid curbing your wheels after all, it’s not like anyone does it on purpose (we hope). Curbing your wheels can cause serious damage on the surface that affects your car’s overall look, but it can also damage your wheel functionally. Much like hitting a pothole, curbing your wheels can, in extreme circumstances, cause your wheels to bend.

Always Driving with Low Tire Pressure

Driving with low tire pressure can be dangerous and disastrous for so many reasons. On the surface, it can ruin your car’s drive quality and also decrease fuel economy. If it gets flat enough it could also cause your car’s wheel to ride directly on the pavement, causing them to get permanent road rash along the edge. Drive like this long enough and you can damage the wheel and your car’s suspension.

Spray Painting Your Car Wheels

This one doesn’t actually hurt your rims, but it can ruin them easily. Painting your wheels with spray paint can be a great way to give your car a custom touch, and sometimes even increase its appearance. If the prep work isn’t done right or your painting technique is low quality, however, it can end up looking worse than it did before.


Tires and wheels are the part of our cars that we take for granted up until something goes wrong. With just some maintenance and attention we can prevent our rims from getting ruined, which can, in turn, ruin our whole day. If you value your car’s appearance and ride quality, it’s best to avoid these common wheel-runners at all costs.

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