Ford Officially unveils the all-new F150 2021 carmart

Ford Officially unveils the all-new F150 2021

Ford Officially unveils the all-new F150 2021

Ford revealed its most selling car in the American market, with a completely new front end and a specific rear. Ford focused on internal developments. Ford did not reveal the full details of the car, but the car will carry the same platform (the chassis) of the current generation Ford T platform The platform will be adjusted and increased as standard. The car is available as an 8-inch screen and higher categories, as well as optionally a 12-inch screen, SYNC 4 system, while providing a standard small screen between the 4-inch counters and higher classes with an 8-inch screen and a screen. Digital fully 12.3-inch.

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Ford unveils the all-new F150 2021 carmart
 all-new F150 2021

Ford mentioned providing a wide range of a complete hybrid system with a mileage of 700 miles equivalent to 1,126 km with the launch of the new marketing name Power Boost 3.5-liter 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine with a 35-kilo electric motor and a 1.5-kilowatt lithium-ion battery with power 47 hp.

Ford unveils the all-new F150 2021 carmart

Ford did not reveal any details related to the second engines and you can fold the front seats as much as 180 degrees as a bed for sleep and close the transmission place as a footrest for the use of the computer and Ford claims to provide an electrical outlet in the backbox Power Onboard 2.0 can operate the TV and speaker and electric heater at one time.

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