Novitec is a well-known and respected tuner of Ferrari, the fine Italian Exotica. It recently introduced a range of customization options for a more user-friendly Roma. 

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Novitec is displaying their modest tweaks to the Ferrari Roma, which give the GT coupe even more flair. Outside, there are some extra carbon fibre aero parts up front and outback, such as the splitter, diffuser, and new headlight trim, which are all quite subtle. There are also new Vossen wheels available, measuring a huge 21in upfront and 22in the outback.

Ferrari Roma Receives Deliciously Elegant Upgrades
Ferrari Roma Receives Deliciously Elegant Upgrades

The Engine: The internals of the 3.9-litre twin-turbo are left alone by Novitec, who instead concentrate on improved controls for the computerized engine management system. The new unit includes injection and ignition maps that have been accurately calibrated. According to Novitec, it improves both power and throttle responsiveness. High-performance catalytic converters are also available, improving production values.

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704 horsepower (84 more than standard) and 651 lb-ft of torque are claimed. The engine’s maximum power is supplied at 7,400 rpm, so it’s still a rev-happy Italian engine. In the F8 Tributo, the tuner can safely push this engine to 800 horsepower.

Ferrari Roma Gets A Discreet Makeover And A Power Boost By Novitec
Ferrari Roma Gets A Discreet Makeover And A Power Boost By Novitec

The majority of the alterations are hidden beneath the hood. The 3.9L TT V8 now produces 695 horsepower and 651 pound-feet of torque (882NM). Novitec’s engine control module, as well as optional high-performance catalysts, are responsible for this. 0-60 takes 3.2 seconds, 0-124MPH takes 8.9 seconds, and top speed is 202 MPH (325kmh)

The Roma has also been lowered by 1.4in by Novitec, and there is a front lift system to protect the carbon front splitter. 

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