Fed Poly Nekede Invents Electric Car, Security Drone

Fed Poly Nekede Invents Electric Car, Security Drone
Fed Poly Nekede Invents Electric Car, Security Drone

Michael Arimanwa, who is the Rector of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, said that in the four years, he has been in charge, the school has come up with big ideas like an electric car and a security drone.

He also promised that the school would not punish the student, Ogechi Okoroafor Sharon, whose immoral video went viral around the world. The management of the polytechnic was still looking into her comment that she would graduate “with the help of God and her private parts.”

When he talked to reporters, the rector also told the people that her claims in the viral video would be dealt with in the right way and that the results would be made public soon.

The rector went through a long list of what he had accomplished in his four years in charge. He said that TetFund had been a huge help in reaching the goals that had been set.

He says that as the 8th real rector of the school, he has provided transformational leadership that is in line with the 14 goals and 72 targets he set for himself before he became rector.

He also changed what it means to be a leader with his charm, meekness, humility, brilliance, and creativity. His accomplishments are all-encompassing, integrated, and eclectic, covering all areas of life at the most important institution.

The rector, whose five-year term ends next year, said that, according to the National Board for Technical Education, he had kept the polytechnic’s status as the best in Nigeria (NBTE).

Arimanwa said that the N400 million that Tetfund gave for research was spent on inventions and building things like gas-fired crucible furnaces, rice destoning machines, coconut dehusking machines, palm-kernel cracking and separating machines, palm fruit digesting machines, presser machines, cassava grating machines, etc.

In response to the student’s video, the rector said, “I’ve gotten calls from everywhere about the woman who made the unfortunate video, so we’ve set up a committee to look into it. I don’t want to guess what will happen. They are going to talk to her.

“I want you to know that the school hasn’t been the best for nothing. I started school here in 1982, and I got my ND and HND here before I went to other schools and became the rector. Someone can’t just come and ruin the school’s reputation.

“But you can be sure that we will make public what we find. We won’t hurt her, but we will follow the rules and due process.” Arimanwa said so.

The school’s leader, or rector, has said that the school will continue to teach its students and staff good morals.

He said that two professors had been fired in the past because they had broken the moral rules of the school.
“We have fired heads of departments, demoted some, and stopped some from getting promoted. Two lecturers have been fired for things like sexual harassment and cheating on exams that are against the rules,” he said.

But Okoroafor, who works in the Public Administration department, says she was sad when she made the video and meant to say “Pupsy,” which is her father’s name, and not “Pussy,” which is what the video shows.

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