Exploring Car Clubs And Enthusiasts Communities In Nigeria

Mercedes Benz Owners Club
Mercedes Benz Owners Club 2020

Nigerians love cars! Any wonder why most childhood toys are usually those of cars? Well, Nigerians, mostly men, love the automobile industry. Though the purchase of these vehicles is largely limited by the nonexistent vehicle production companies in the country, high import rates as well as import taxation. 

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This has led to the establishment of car clubs and enthusiastic communities by lovers of automobiles. Car clubs engage in car racing, amongst other things that showcase their love of cars. Many people would consider the thought of car racing in Nigeria impossible. But the truth is that for decades, Nigerians have been engaging in car racing; both on organised and street levels. 

Car enthusiasts have used car racing to showcase and explore their interests in the following ways

  • Nigeria has a car race track: the car race track located in Evbuobanosa, in Edo state, is the MotorSport raceway. It is located in a town just 20 minutes from Benin-city. The MotorSport Raceway, offers lovers of car racing the chance to live their passion for car race tracks. It measures over 130 acres of land and is fully equipped with a tyre centre, a fuel station with self-service pumps, a restaurant, a clubhouse and a swimming pool.
  • Abuja is the home of many supercars and their owners. Most car racers in Abuja are regular 9-5 workers during the week but become speed demons on weekends. This state has kept the spirit of car racing alive for so long.
  • NASA NG is the body responsible for the organisation of the National Grand Prix (the Championship). This competition comprises one title of National Champion, for a driver and his/her team. The competition consists of the National Grand Prix races, which are included in the National GP calendar and in respect of which the teams, sponsors, partners and organisers have signed organisation agreements with the NASA NG.
  • Auto Fest Nigeria: AutoFest Nigeria is a gathering of petrolheads, racers, car enthusiasts and speedsters organised by BMW Club Nigeria. The event features supercars from Tiger, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducatis, Maserati, Kawasaki and more. It is the who-is-who of exotic cars in Nigeria and their speed is put to the test. The event is usually held in Victoria Island, Lagos and is always charged with energy and the familiar smell of burning tyres, screams of excitement and thrills for lovers of cars. 
  • Ondo Auto rally: for car enthusiasts, Ondo state is also not left out. The 2019 Ondo Car Race featured some of the biggest names and the high and mighty in Nigeria. It had the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, industrialist and head of Elizade Motors, Chief Michael Ade Ojo, and Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola in attendance. 

The BMW Club Nigeria

BMW Club Nigeria
BMW Club Nigeria

The BMW club is at the forefront of car clubs in Nigeria. The BMW Club of Nigeria is a non-profit, non-governmental, enthusiast organisation predominantly created for individuals based in Nigeria who owns, collect, love and share a common passion for BMW-built automobiles.

The club’s main objective is to provide a comfortable and conducive environment for members and also the society at large. To also promote community and social responsibility activities within and outside Nigeria.

The club’s slogan is  “Welcome to a world where safety takes the front seat.” The club also educates its members not only about the luxury and exhilaration to be experienced with their vehicles but also about essential knowledge that ensures safety on the road.

The BMW Club Nigeria also organises car events for their members. For example, they hold a car race event packed with drag races from the beginning to the end. It involves both cars and bikes. They also engage in charitable activities for members of society.


As stated earlier, many Nigerians love cars and have created clubs and enthusiast communities to widen their knowledge and hold events related to cars and car activities. The BMW Club Nigeria is one such enthusiast community that brings Nigerians with BMW together.

Written by fatiha Arogundade

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