#EndSars: Tips for a Cordial and Safe Relationship at Police Checkpoints in Nigeria

#EndSar Tips for a Cordial and Safe Relationship at Police Checkpoints in Nigeria

The ongoing unrest in Nigeria is channeled towards the EndSar protest which started in October. The many reasons for the protest were attributed to many young Nigerians being harassed at Police checkpoints. As a result of this, a lot of young Nigerians have lost their lives in the process and the anger culminated in the End Sars protest which was thereafter addressed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Nigerian Police Force in 2019 released some tips to help people maintain cordiality and safety when approaching police checkpoints in Nigeria. And with the ongoing unrest in Nigeria owing to the same category, it was thought wise to dig up these tips to educate Nigerians on the things to do to ensure their safety on roads.

nigeria police force
nigeria police force

While it may not be the answer to the challenges posed, it is in hope that some of these tips may help people from getting into further trouble with the SARS team or even the Police on Nigerian roads.

Without further ado, the 16 tips are:

1. Try to slow your vehicle down when approaching a checkpoint. It shows that you are not wild. It likewise reduces doubt that you are a lawbreaker and might need to hurry off.

2. Reduce the volume of your vehicle sound system. Kindness requests this. Furthermore, you can hear each other better. This straightforward demonstration will likewise assist you with winning the certainty of the security employable.

3. Keep your hands obvious to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous doubt or dread by the officials that you are endeavouring to draw out a weapon or other hurtful items to assault them

4. Turn on the internal light of your vehicle while moving toward the cops (if around evening time). It promptly sends an implicit message that you don’t have anything to stow away.

5. Be well disposed and merry. Laud the officials particularly when you see them working under antagonistic climate conditions, for example, the downpours, the brutal harmattan conditions, unnecessary warmth, cold or daylight. We know it’s their work, yet a little kind word from you will do a ton of good.

6. Try to be considerate in any event, when addressing questions put to you by the officials

7. Try not to dare or challenge an equipped security man to a duel. Frequently, you hear individuals make statements like ‘shoot me, in the event that you can!” Note that this is a catastrophe waiting to happen! It is exceptionally provocative and a superfluous call for war. Thus, it would be ideal if you play sheltered, all the more along these lines, as you don’t have a clue about the perspective of the official concerned.

8. Additionally, don’t go into a physical battle with an equipped security official. He may fall back on the utilization of his weapon (properly or wrongly) to protect himself.

9. Stay away from pointless banter with outfitted Policeman.

10. Never attempt to contact an official in a threatening way. He may associate you with attempting to incapacitate him or harm him.

11. If you frequent the road, ensure you have the police crisis telephone quantities of the course you work. You never can tell when a crisis circumstance could emerge and you need the Police to go to your guide.

12. Ensure you have all your significant vehicle papers and cease from activities or inactions that establish either a lawbreaker or traffic offense. Such infractions of the law give authentic grounds to potential charges and different types of antagonistic contact with the Police or other law implementation offices, including pointless contentions.

13. Give the feeling that you are troubled to see an official on his beat or that he is burning through your time. Be that as it may, in the event that you do have a crisis, obligingly educate the official. Try not to dash off while as yet being checked.

14. Observe the informal IDs, Force or Service numbers, individual portrayal, depiction of weapons or watch vehicle of the security official particularly where the officials start to behave in amateurish way.

15. Find a way to discuss with the most senior Police at the check point if things are not working out easily.

16. Graciously demand to be taken to the police headquarters if your grievance isn’t appropriately tended to.

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