“Embrace ‘bicycle’ in midst of fuel subsidy removal” – FRSC urges Nigerians

makinde riding bicycle
makinde riding bicycle

Amid the removal of fuel subsidies in Nigeria, Nigerians have been encouraged to consider cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. This advice was given by Mr Joshua Adekanye, the Oyo State Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), during the celebration of the 2023 World Bicycle Day in Ibadan.

World Bicycle Day, recognised internationally on June 3 each year, was declared by the United Nations (UN) in 2018 to raise awareness about the significance of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport. The day acknowledges the bicycle’s longevity, versatility, and unique qualities as a mode of transportation that has been in use for centuries.

Mr Adekanye emphasised the benefits of cycling in the current fuel subsidy removal scenario. He highlighted that bicycles do not require fuel, reducing dependency on vehicles and subsequently decreasing carbon emissions. By embracing cycling, Nigerians can contribute to creating a more sustainable environment.

Additionally, Mr Adekanye noted the economic advantages of cycling, emphasizing that bicycles are more affordable than cars or motorcycles. He also highlighted the health benefits of cycling, including improved physical strength, reduced body fat, and enhanced cardiovascular health. Cycling has been shown to prevent and manage medical conditions, improve mental well-being, and alleviate stress.

Mr Adekanye commended the efforts of various agencies and stakeholders in promoting cycling and encouraged them to continue sensitizing the public about the advantages of embracing cycling as a means of transportation.

During the World Bicycle Day celebration in Ibadan, five cycling organizations and young cyclists from the Air Force Primary School participated in the event. These organisations included Lifeline Cyclists, Rising Star Cycling Academy, and Pedal Power Cycling Club.

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