Easy Steps To Get Your International Driver’s License In Nigeria, Driver anywhere in the World

A while ago, a tweet reminded many foreigners in Nigeria that you cannot drive with a foreign driver’s license in Nigeria. The tweet blew up following people who argued that you could drive freely even with a Nigerian license in some foreign countries and why Nigeria is different. But it’s not just Nigeria; it’s practised in over 150 countries.

Currently, nothing can be done about that currently, as a rule, is stipulated in the Nigerian constitution. However, foreigners in Nigeria can apply for an international driver’s license that allows them to drive there. 

International Driver’s License
International Driver’s License

An international driver’s license is an identification document that allows you to drive vehicles in Nigeria as a foreigner. It’s a permit you freely use any time you’re back and driving in Nigeria.

If you need a permit for less than three months of driving, here is how to get your hands on one;

  • Search and visit
  • Click on “Apply for International Driving Permit” at the page’s upper right
  • ‘Select “yes” under the “Do you have a valid driver’s license?” section
  • Click on “Next”
  • Carefully fill out the application form with the correct details, including the delivery address
  • Attach a scanned copy of your driver’s license from your home country
  • Attach your 2×2 passport-sized pictures
  • Pay the fee with your credit or debit card

This process only applies to those who are coming into Nigeria with only their international driver’s license but will want to drive in Nigeria. To avoid defaulting the constitution and being penalized, apply for an international driver’s license, and you can freely drive on Nigerian roads.

For foreigners in Nigeria who want to drive in Nigeria for more than three months, here’s the process to get an international driver’s license; 

how to apply for International Driving Permit
how to apply for International Driving Permit
  • Find a reputable driving school (Driver’s License Centre) in Nigeria
  • Apply for a driving permit at the Driver’s License Centre
  • Pay for all the requested fees online or at the permitted bank
  • Pass the theory and practical driving tests under the supervision of a Vehicle Inspection Officer 
  • You’ll get a certificate of competence for passing the practical test.
  • The test will be sent to the Federal Road Safety Commission; they’ll go forward to process your Nigerian driver’s license
  • You will be informed on when to collect the license
  • After collecting the Nigerian License, write an application letter for an IDL/IDP
  • Collect the required documents for the application and visit the Central Motor Registry or the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity to get an IDL/IDP application form
  • Fill out relevant sections on the application form with the correct information
  • Sign the application form when you are done
  • Submit the application letter, application form, required documents (including a valid Nigerian driver’s license, recent passport photos, and scanned copy of your signature) and proof of your payment for prescribed fees.
  • They’ll process your IDL/IDP after verifying your identity documents and reason for application
  • The application receives formal notification from the office when the IDL/IDP is ready
  • Collect the permit at the Nigerian Police Force’s Interpol office

Frequently Asked Questions International Driving Permit

How Long Does It Take Before An International Driving Permit Expires?

The international driver’s license issued to foreign drivers in Nigeria is valid between one to three years before the expires.

How Much Does The International License Cost?

The cost of the license depends on the duration of time you want. The 1 year license costs $39.99 (₦14,500). 2 years is $54.99 (₦20,000). 3 years is $69.99 (₦25,500).

Why Do You Need An International Driver’s License In Nigeria?

The IDL is recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. The license allows you to drive freely in Nigeria and avoid the penalties of not having one.

What is an International Driving Permit or IDP?

An International Driving Permit is essentially a translation document of your driver’s license in several different languages. It is used to translate your driver’s license into a language that your destination country understands.
It is by no means a replacement for your original driver’s license or a legal document like a passport. An International Driving Permit is only valid if you have your original license with you.
Some countries, car rental agencies, insurance companies, and/or traffic authorities may ask to see your International Driving Permit whenever you are abroad, so it is best to keep one handy at all times.
Then again, it is highly important that you always carry and show your original license along with the International Driving Permit whenever asked.

Do I need an IDP?

If your driver’s license is in the same language as the language of your destination country, you most likely will not need an International Driving Permit. In fact, in most cases, when your driver’s license is in English, you will not need an International Driving Permit. If you are unsure, it is best to check if you need an International Driving Permit by contacting your destination country’s traffic authorities and offices.

What are the requirements to get an International Driving Permit?

You will have to submit a valid copy of the front and back of your driver’s license for verification. You will also need to upload a passport style photo and your signature. Once your payment for the application has been accepted, we will process the application! Start your application here.

How long does it take to get my International Driving Permit?

Digital International Driving Permit takes up to 2 hours to land in your inbox. However, if you choose Express Order, we will process your application in 20 minutes.
Printed International Driving Permit will be delivered to your doorstep, and the estimated delivery date will vary based on the selected delivery method (2-30 working days).

How do I track my order?

There are several ways to check your application status.
You can log in to your account by clicking “My Order” in the top right corner of the homepage. You can also check your account through the link sent to your email. If you have trouble accessing your account, you can contact us by chat, email, or telephone.
You will receive your tracking number once your order has been fulfilled. Please allow up to 3 business days for your order to be fulfilled.

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