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Drake Recieve same Rolls Royce Phantom that he used to rent in order to “keep up appearances.”

Drake recently celebrated his 35th birthday with a Narcos-themed party at which a slew of big names showed up to the party in Chico Amante style.

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Drake’s close friend Future the Prince gave Drizzy the same Rolls Royce Phantom they used to rent for $5,000 USD a month just to “keep up appearances.” The Boy took to Instagram to explain that, “Back in 2007 we used to finesse this Rolls-Royce Phantom rental to convince people in the city we were destined to make it. I used to scrape together 5k a month somehow to keep up appearances. We rushed this to Ottawa to see [Belly] and [Cash], and then to Montreal for my first ever gig. Every day, I would pick up [Niko] and roll or wait outside [Nebby’s] class for her. Park outside 15 Fort York while me, [40], and [Oliver El-Khatib] were upstairs cooking what would become So Far Gone.”

Drake has stated that he does not “recommend” spending money on “material things,” but rather views it as a sign of “extreme manifesting.” “Today in 2021, my brother [Future the Prince] tracked found the identical car I used to fret over and presented it to me…mine it’s now,” he continued. “The manifestation is full.”

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This was not Drake’s only extravagant present. Drake was also given a special “Adonis” Eliantte diamond chain by Young Thug.

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