If you want to buy a second-hand car, you have to be very careful to look out for faults. Not only that, you would have to ask the seller some questions about the vehicle history of the car. Sometimes, you don’t have to ask questions, but the signs of damage are clearly shown on the car.

Sellers sometimes sell their cars for a low price because of the damage done to the cars they want to sell. They make the price agreeable so that the buyer can buy them quickly without feeling the loss. But, unknown to the buyer, the car comes with many issues, such as having to spend extra money on repairs. We have made a list of issues that a tokunbo car would have and that you should never buy, no matter the price.

Smoking Engine

A car whose engine is smoking while it is on the market is unquestionably a very bad purchase. 80% of the time, that is the reason the owner is attempting to sell it off in the first place. After your mechanic overhauls the engine, you will need to replace a very crucial engine component if you decide to purchase this car at the standard market price. You have a 50/50 probability of replacing the entire engine to get the car back to normal, and that would be quite expensive, and it would be an extra cost when buying the car. It is an unwise decision to buy a car with a smoking engine. 

Unusual steering noises

There is a trick that might help you determine whether a steering noise is a serious problem or simply a minor annoyance. Steering noises can occur for a variety of reasons. Check the power steering oil if it is on a proper gauge whenever you notice that the automobile makes noises every time you try to steer. There is a problem with the steering system if it has been gauged and is still making noises. If the steering fluid level is below the required level, you should purchase more steering fluid to make sure the strange noises are coming from the fluid alone. One of the most effective methods for spotting steering noise is to manoeuvre the steering wheel with the gear in “park.” You might then determine the steering system’s actual condition.

Deflated air suspensions on a vehicle

You should stay away from used cars with air suspension and their “wahala” if you ever come across them in Nigeria. Customers cannot be kept in the dark about vehicles with defective air balloons, such as Range Rovers and Mercedes-Benz. You can easily observe that the car has lowered itself in an unusual way. When they have not had proper maintenance, these vehicles and their air suspension are pricey. In order to attract buyers, second-hand car dealers purposefully lower the prices of vehicles with problematic air suspension. Do not be fooled by it. Even if you remedy the problem that caused the balloon to collapse, it can happen again.

Visible Leaks In The Engine 

You shouldn’t purchase a car if you open the hood and see oil flowing from the joints on the top of the engine. It is simpler to remedy if the oil is flowing from somewhere other than the body of the engine block, such as from underneath the automobile. Why is an engine block leaking engine oil a warning that you shouldn’t buy that car? So there’s a chance that the engine block is cracked. You might need to replace the engine if you decide to purchase this car. This leak could also be caused by a faulty gasket or seal. If you are not at fault, you will regret moving forward with the transaction.

Cars With No Custom Duty

No matter how stunning they may appear, cars without customs duties might get you into serious difficulty. Due to a shortage of customs tax, Nigerian customs seize both common and expensive cars on a weekly basis. Any vehicle being imported into Nigeria must have the necessary customs documentation proving that it is permitted to travel on public roads. According to the government, this is an important step in the procedure for clearing and importing vehicles No matter how pricey the car is, these customs officers grab it. Without customs, purchasing an automobile is useless. Ensure that the vendor processes the customs paperwork received from the customs service 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a 2008 Toyota Camry in Nigeria?

The price of a 2008 Toyota Camry has been assessed at ₦2,000,000.00 on average.

Where can I buy a Honda Accord in Nigeria?

You can buy a brand new and tokunbo Honda Accord at carmart.ng. Our website hosts a variety of cars available for sale. You can only sell your car on our website in quick and easy steps. If you have any further questions about our other services, please contact us through one of our other platforms.


Buying a car should be a cautious process that should not be taken lightly. If you enjoy your car for a long time, you should buy a car with little or no issues with it. Although second-hand cars might come with their problems, you should know that having a mechanic with you during the buying process is best. Even if the car has been accessed and comes with some problems, you will have to decide if you want to buy it or not.

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