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Difference Between Armoured Tank And Armoured Vehicle

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The Nigerian Army uses various types of land vehicles to perform its functions but the major ones used are armoured vehicles and tanks.

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But one may wonder what exactly the difference is between armoured vehicles and tanks. Are they not the same thing? This article goes a long way to explain the differences between armoured vehicles and tanks. 

Differences Between Tank And Armoured Vehicles 

The major difference between these two vehicles is the role they play on the battlefield. A tank is an armoured vehicle that is specifically used to break enemy lines.


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Armoured Tank
Armoured Tank

Historically, in both the First and Second World Ward, tanks were used to punch a hole in the enemy’s line with infantry following under the protection of the tank.  It was very popular during the second world was and the method was designed to quickly strike an enemy and take the position or territory as a result.

However, tanks are vulnerable in certain conflict areas such as urban environments and woodland. This is because they are extremely vulnerable to attacks from any infantry especially when they are left on their own.

Best Civilian Armoured Vehicles For Your Secure Movement
Best Civilian Armoured Vehicles For Your Secure Movement

An armoured vehicle or a personnel carrier is used so infantry can protect and keep up with the tank. These vehicles may not be able to provide the same firepower as a tank but they are capable of protecting troops from infantry fire while transporting them.

In any dangerous situation such as challenging terrain or the lack of a tank threat from the enemy, an armoured fighting vehicle, also known as an AFV, may be used instead of a tank.

A tank has some characteristics that are accepted which include tracks instead of wheels, armour designed to withstand most battlefield weapons and a turret mounting the main gun.

They do not typically carry infantry and are designed to fight direct compacts with the enemies using both their armour and terrain to protect themselves and their main gun as their defence.

Main battle tanks (MBT) are the heaviest, best-protected vehicles and they come fitted with a gun designed to destroy a number of targets, including other MBTs.

They are very mobile and armoured, equipped with a number of features including an active protection system that is capable of defeating anti-tank missiles.

If a vehicle does not fit all of these categories, it is most likely a form of an armoured vehicle.

Role Of Armoured Vehicles And Tanks In Warfare

The Nigerian Military is a big sector and before going to any warfare, Military personnel’s have to equip themselves with certain important equipment which the armoured vehicles and tanks are amongst. The role of armoured vehicles and tanks include;

  1. They serve as protection from enemies because they are made of strong steel and aluminium that cannot easily be penetrable.
  2. They can break through any barrier put out by the enemies.
  3. Some are unsuspecting so the enemies do not know that the military is around and this gives the military a head start in the battle.
  4. Some come with guns and armours and do not require the military to carry heavy machines that could slow them down but instead attack from the vehicle or tank.
  5. They serve as hiding grounds for military personnel.
  6. They are well-suited with equipment that will be needed throughout the warfare, even with some extras in case military personnel run out of bullets or ammunitions.

Types Of Armoured Fighting Vehicles And Tanks

There are various types of armoured vehicles used in the Nigerian army. They include;


  • VT-4.
  • T-72M1.
  • T-54/55.
  • Eagle.
  • AMX-30.
  • FV101 Scorpion.
  • FV107 Scimitar.

Armoured Vehicles 

  • ERC-90.
  • EE-9 Cascavel.
  • Panhard AML.
  • Saladin.
  • Fox.
  • Panhard VBL.
  • Ferret.
  • BMP-1.
  • BMP-2
  • Saurer 4K 4FA.
  • MT-LB.
  • Mowag Piranha I 6×6.
  • BTR-4.
  • BTR-3.
  • BTR-70.
  • BTR-60.
  • Saracen.
  • Saxon.
  • Panhard M3.
  • Ezugwu. 
  • Isorex Phantom 2.
  • FV103 Spartan.

Light Armoured Vehicles 

  • Spartan MK.III.
  • Shorland.
  • Kia KLTV.

How Important Still Are Tanks And Armoured In Today’s Military Warfare

Today, tanks are much more powerful beasts than they used to be 70 years ago. There is no day and night vision equipment that gives modern tanks a big advantage over their WWWII equivalents. A tiger tank has a powerful gun that could finish off one of today’s light armoured vehicles but it would be minor against a modern battle tank.

This just goes to show that later in the future; tanks or armoured vehicles may be unrecognizable. Military technology has reached the point where unmannered tanks, such as a land drone, are now possible. This is big business for those companies that produce tanks and bigger trouble for guerrilla combatants who are seeking to fight against a tank enemy. 

Modern tanks and AFVs need unprecedented levels of protection but as armoire evolves, so do armour protecting vehicles have to revolve. Although adding more weight to armour brings incremental improvements, it could hamper speed and mobility as well as driving up both development and costs.

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