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Days after acquiring a Benz, Skitmaker ZicsAloma gifts one of his old cars to his colleague, MaxCrony

Omo this year Nah plenty of celebration in the entertainment industry, Carmart recently reported Skitmaker ZicsAloma acquired Mercedes Benz GLE 450.

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The comedian posted on Instagram that he just got a new car, a 2016 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 coupe, which he called “my new baby.” As Zicsaloma posed with it while congratulatory messages flooded his page from his colleagues and fans

Days after acquiring this Mercedes Benz GLE 450, Skitmaker ZicsAloma gifts one of his old cars to his friend/colleague, MaxCrony.

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MaxCrony is an upcoming talent in the skit industry, he has been posting skits on his Instagram and Facebook for a while now.

ZicsAloma disclose that he told God if he can buy his dream car, he would gift one of his old cars from his car garage to someone he likes.

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