Dababy, American Rapper Visits Naija For The First Ride With Davido In The Streets Of Lagos

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On the 16th of May, 2022, American Rapper, Dababy came into Nigeria for the first time following his invitation by the famous Nigerian musician, Davido. 

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Dababy arrives Lagos, Nigeria for the first time
Dababy rides with Davido in the street of Lagos

Following gathered information, Dababy is mainly in Nigeria to complete his recording of a song with Davido. 
Rapper Dababy, who was excited to be in Nigeria for the first time after being received and taken to Davido’s mansion in Banana Island, took up a mini-tour of the state by flexing through Lagos Mainland. 

Dababy ride with Davido in the street of Lagos
Dababy rides with Davido in the street of Lagos

On a night tour of Lagos on his first night of arrival, Davido tells him, “tonight, I’ll show you Lagos,” as they joyfully drive past several Lagos streets with many young people who recognise both musicians shouting their names and being excited to see Dababy the first time in person. 

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What’s intriguing about Dababy touching down in Lagos, Nigeria, isn’t just that it’s his first time or that he’s been touring several familiar Lagos streets like Oshodi. 

For fans, it is also seeing Davido giving him a grand welcome into the country by taking him on a joy ride across Lagos streets at night. 

Davido welcome Dababy
Davido welcome Dababy

Fans of both artists cannot get enough of it all as they’ve all taken to social media to share snippets, and pictures and make interesting commentaries about Dababy’s presence. 

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