Supercars are one of the top luxury cars driven by the world’s wealthiest people. While they are not as popularly seen in Nigeria as in other countries, some Nigerians still buy different types of supercars for themselves. 

Interestingly, there are car dealers in Nigeria who specialize in selling supercars. Wealthy people mostly buy these cars in Nigeria as they are usually expensive. Below is a table that contains the various prices of supercars in Nigeria today.

Prices Of Supercars In Nigeria In 2023

2015 Bentley Continental GT
2015 Bentley Continental GT

Have you ever wondered how much you can get supercars in Nigeria? If so, this article answers that question by listing the prices of different types of supercars in the country and their current prices. Keep scrolling below to find out more.

Types Of Luxury SupercarsEngine CapacityCurrent Price In Nigeria
2012 Bentley GT Continental W12 Engine45 Million
2017 G63 AMG V8 Engine80 Million
2015 Maserati Q4V6 Engine35 Million
2018 AMG Mercedes-Benz S560V8 Engine80 Million
2013 Bentley GT Continental W12 Engine55 Million
2020 Audi Q8Turbo-charged V6 Engine60 Million
2022 Toyota Hilux V6 Engine40 Million
2016 Lexus ES350V6 Engine15 Million
2014 Audi Q4Turbo-charged V6 Engine8 Million
2014 Range Rover V8 Engine35 Million
2013 BMWTurbo-charged V6 Engine16 Million
2016 Mercedes-CLA 250V8 Engine15 Million
2015 Dodge ChallengerTurbo-charged V6 Engine16 Million
2016 BMW Series 5V8 Engine16 Million

Why Nigerians Love Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars Also Owned By Cubana Chiefpriest
Luxury Cars Also Owned By Cubana Chiefpriest

Luxury cars are known for their class, and in Nigeria, driving luxury cars is an indicator of wealth. Many Nigerians love these luxury supercars because of their features, performance, and handling. However, only a few can afford luxury cars in the country.

Aside from the cost of these cars, many Nigerians prefer to avoid buying them for many other reasons, like their low resale value in the country. Besides the Mercedes vehicle and the Bentley, most other supercars have low resale value in Nigeria.

Of course, they exude luxury, and many admire them, but their cost of maintenance in the country is high, which is why most Nigerians avoid buying cars like this. Also, their spare parts are also rare in the market, which brings additional costs to the owners when the vehicle requires repair.


Supercars are beautiful and equipped with the most advanced technological features. However, they are equally expensive for the average Nigerian to afford. Most of the owners of luxury supercars in the country are wealthy Nigerians.

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