See How Much It Costs To Charter A Private Jet In Nigeria

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Without any doubt, travelling by flight is one of the safest and quickest means of transportation. Flying in a private jet is even better because it gives you more control over your time and promises more flexibility, unlike commercial flights. Private jets are expensive and very few Nigerians are able to afford one. The good news is that you don’t need to buy a private jet before you can feel the soothing experience of flying in one. Various companies offer private jets for charter and this is much easier and affordable if you have the money.

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How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet In Nigeria

It’s hard to put a fixed price on a private jet charter in Nigeria. In fact, most charter companies don’t put a fixed rate as various factors determine the cost of the charter. The common factors are;

  • Location
  • Distance of the flight
  • Passenger capacity
  • Timings
  • Aircraft size and type

Usually, the cost is often calculated per hour. This is because flights within states in Nigeria are often between 40mins – 1 hour. On average, you will need about $3,000-$6,000 to charter a private jet per hour in Nigeria. That’s about 1.5-3 million NGN to enjoy the comfort of a private jet. Private jet charter companies are strategically located in various places especially in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano etc. 

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Important Facts About Private Jet Charter In Nigeria

Before you make that decision to charter a private jet in Nigeria, here are a few things you need to know;

  • Private jets charter companies don’t have the same restrictions as commercial airlines. They often operate based on the needs of the clients.
  • You can come along with your pets if you are using a private jet. However, pets will only be accepted if you come with the necessary documentation.
  • Private jets charter companies prefer payments to be made in US dollars. However, naira payment is also accepted. You can pay with your MasterCard, Credit/Debit cards etc.
  • Unless you are going on an international flight, you don’t necessarily need to travel with your International passport. Notwithstanding, it’s always advisable you go with a valid means of identification on any flight trips you embark on.
  • You will have to pay an extra cost if your location is far from the base of the jet. This extra cost named ‘repositioning cost’ will be added to your total bill.
  • Refreshments are usually served to clients onboard in a private jet. Oftentimes, these refreshments are much better than those of commercial flights.
  • You can charter a private jet from Nigeria to other countries. Some charter companies offer jets to other countries like different countries in the world located in Africa, Asia,the Caribbean, Europe, America and the Middle East. 
  • When chartering a private jet, it’s wise that you go for companies with new jets or those with jets licensed by the Nigerian Corporate Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria (NCAA).
  • Most of the top private jet charter companies in Nigeria manage different aircraft and would adjust in order to meet your budget.
  • Popular private jets used in Nigeria include  the Bombardier, Challenger 605, Hawker 800XP/ Beechcraft, Dassault Falcon, Cessna, Embraer Legacy 600 650, Falcon 900DX Etc.

Cost Of Group Chartering Private Jets In Nigeria

A popular misconception people have about chartering a private jet is that only the wealthy can afford it. But this is not true, even if you are a middle-income citizen, you too can enjoy the luxury of a private jet. How?

Group charter is a more affordable way that allows almost anyone to fly in a private jet. For instance, if you have 8 or 10 friends going in the same direction, the hourly cost of a private jet can be equally split among you all. So if the cost is $3,000 per hour, 10 friends can pay $300 each; an equivalent of approximately 150,000 NGN.

Top Private Jet Companies In Nigeria

  1. West Link Airlines Private Jet Charter, Nigeria
  1. ExecuJet Nigeria
  1. Mudita Nigeria
  1. SML Lagos, Nigeria
  • Contact: 0810 336 0178
  • Address: 134a Oja bus stop, Ayobo-Ipaja Road, Ipaja 100278, Lagos


Private jets are one of the best means of transportation in Nigeria. You can charter a private jet individually or as a group depending on your budget.

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