Unlike many other start-ups that require certain learned skills and qualifications to start, starting a car wash business is pretty simple provided you are willing to give it the time and dedication it requires. A carwash business is quite lucrative in Nigeria, even if you start small, it has a huge capacity to scale and earn you sufficient cash. The profit you make from your car wash business is relative to whether it is small-scale or large-scale. You might be wondering, what makes a car wash business lucrative or profitable in a country like Nigeria.

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Car Owners Are The Rise

Take a moment to consider the total number of vehicles on the road despite the declining economy. Buying a car is no longer considered a luxury, most people will still dedicate a considerable part of their budget to owning an affordable quality car. The more the number of cars available, the more the demand to wash these cars increases. In fact, most of these car owners are busy, and hence don’t have time to wash their cars. A car wash centre becomes the next port of call.

Nigeria Environment Favours Car Wash Business

In Nigeria, two major seasons are the rainy season and the dry season. During the dry season, cars are very likely to accumulate dust which calls for washing. Owning and riding a car during the wet season too has its cons, as mud and dirty water easily cling to the exterior parts of the car. These two seasons make operating a car wash Business favourable.

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  • Affordable

Starting a car wash Business is pretty cheap. You don’t need to have a huge capital base of millions of naira to start unless you are planning to go large-scale. Technical expertise is relatively not necessary as well.

Types Of Car Wash Business

  • Full-Service Car Wash

Full-service car wash is the commonest you will find in Nigeria. In this service, the exterior of the car is thoroughly washed in addition to having the interior expertly vacuumed.

  • Exterior Conveyor Car Washes:

 When you go to one of these locations, you’ll stay in your automobile while your car is pulled along an automated conveyor as its exterior is cleaned.

  • Self Service Car Wash

This is not commonly practised in Nigeria, however, in this case, car owners themselves wash their cars.

Cost Of Starting A Car Wash Business In Nigeria

A small-scale car wash in Nigeria needs capital of about  N200,000 to N500,000 to operate in the beginning. Starting a large-scale car wash Business with standard automatic tools will require millions of naira as these machines are expensive.

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Equipment Needed In A Car Wash Business

  1.  Well or Borehole: A stable water source is the lifeline of a thriving car wash business. This needs to be made available before you start.
  2. Overhead tanks to store water in scarcity
  3. Generator to power the equipment and lighting
  4. Detergents that are friendly to the car painting layer
  5. Essential chemicals, such as cleaning and spot-free solutions
  6. Washing systems, such as a conveyor tunnel or self-service wands
  7. Vacuums
  8. Blowers
  9. Buckets,
  10. brushes,
  11. mop and towels
  12. car washing machine if affordable
  13. Payment systems such as POS for easy payment

Car Washing Machine

Car Washing Machine in nigeria
Car Washing Machine in Nigeria

A car washing machine makes the process of washing cars much easier and less time-consuming. However, they are of different kinds and the Financial price differs. Depending on how big the kind of car wash you want to run is; these car washing machines are available

  • Compact pressure water car wash

This is quite cheap and portable. You can get it at prices ranging from 60,000 to 85,000 NGN

  • A touchless car wash machine

This car washer is usually used in large car washing centres. As the name implies, you don’t have to touch the car when cleaning, the machine does it all. Pressure water with detergent is sprayed from pipes in multi-angles to clean the exterior of the car. The average cost of this is between 8 million to 15million NGN.

  • A systematic car washing chain

With this type of washing machine, several cars can be washed at a time. This system reduces the risk of damaging the painting layer of the car. You will require the assistance of experts to install and operate this kind of car wash machine in Nigeria. It costs millions of naira.

Tips To Successful Operate A Car Wash Business In Nigeria


Before venturing into this business, it’s important you do well-detailed feasibility research. Check out other car wash businesses, their mode of operation, and how they set up their outlet and serve their customers. Then from there, craft a model you will work with and an extra flavour you can add to yours to serve your customers better.


Money is important in any business. You need to have enough capital to start. If you don’t, save up or take a loan or partner with a colleague to start.

Get A Strategic Location

You will ruin your own car wash business if you set it up in a place where a vehicle can hardly get a passage to get it. A strategic location ensures you are better positioned to be seen and attract the right customers. The best place to situate your car wash business is where there is a high traffic of people and vehicular movements. Your target customers, whether public cars or executive car owners will determine where you start your business.

Get Approved By Authorities

Get every required document and pay the required levies when you want to start your car business to the appropriate authorities to avoid unnecessary problems.

Buy The Necessary Equipment:

The list mentioned above will guide you in buying the required equipment to start your car wash business.

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