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Cost of Clearing Toyota Cars from Nigeria 2023


The Nigerian Customs receive duty for the importation of cars, these duties vary by the size, capacity, and year of manufacture of the car. Used vehicles will pay a 35% duty while newer cars from 2016 will attract a levy charge of 35%, duty 35% which totals 70%. The carrier of your car e.g shipping company will receive their shipping charges, these shipping charges vary only by the weight and size of your vehicle. Trucks and SUVs attract higher shipping charges. All of these amount to the total Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria.

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This post will list the current cost of clearing cars in Nigeria at Tin can port, Cotonou (Seme Border), Apapa Port, and other ports to deliver them to a client in Nigeria. Charges such as Nigerian custom duty charges on imported cars, port charges, and clearing agent charges will also need to be paid for this to be successfully carried out. As of last year, the system by which the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) charges for clearing cars changed. Instead of charging according to the year of manufacture, they now charge according to the cost of the car not the year of manufacture.

How To Clear Toyota Cars At The Nigerian Port

Clearing a Toyota car at a Nigerian port follows the same process as clearing any other car at the port. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Engage the services of a licensed clearing agent: To clear a Toyota car at a Nigerian port, you need to engage the services of a licensed customs clearing agent who is registered with the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS). The clearing agent will handle the documentation, processing, and payment of customs duties and other charges on your behalf.
  2. Obtain the necessary documents: You will need to provide the clearing agent with the original bill of lading, customs duty assessment, pro forma invoice, and other relevant documents such as the vehicle registration certificate and purchase receipt.
  3. Pay customs duties and other charges: The clearing agent will calculate the customs duty and other charges applicable to your Toyota car based on its value, year of manufacture, engine capacity, and other factors. You will be required to make payment of these charges to the clearing agent, who will then pay on your behalf to the NCS.
  4. Obtain clearance from customs: After payment of customs duties and other charges, the clearing agent will submit the necessary documents to the NCS for verification and clearance. The NCS will inspect the Toyota car to ensure that it meets the required standards and issue a clearance certificate if everything is in order.
  5. Obtain port release: After receiving the clearance certificate from the NCS, the clearing agent will obtain the port release documents, which will allow the Toyota car to be released from the port and transported to its destination.

It’s important to note that the cost of clearing a Toyota car at a Nigerian port can vary depending on several factors such as the year, model, and engine capacity of the car, as well as the exchange rate of the Nigerian Naira against foreign currencies like the US Dollar.

Therefore, it’s important to engage the services of a reliable and experienced clearing agent who can help you navigate the process and ensure that your Toyota car is cleared in a timely and hassle-free manner.

Cost of Clearing Toyota cars

Cost of Clearing Toyota Camry

2003 Toyota Camry ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Camry ₦450,000
2005 Toyota Camry₦480,000
2006 Toyota Camry₦510,000
2007 Toyota Camry₦650,000
2008 Toyota Camry₦750,000
2009 Toyota Camry ₦950,000
2010 Toyota Camry ₦1,100,000
2011 Toyota Camry ₦1,250,000
2012 Toyota Camry ₦1,400,000
2013 Toyota Camry ₦1,350,000
2015 Toyota Camry₦1,500,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Corolla

2003 Toyota Corolla ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Corolla₦430,000
2005 Toyota Corolla ₦450,000
2006 Toyota Corolla₦480,000
2007 Toyota Corolla ₦550,000
2008 Toyota Corolla₦650,000
2009 Toyota Corolla₦850,000
2010 Toyota Corolla ₦950,000
2011 Toyota Corolla ₦1,100,000
2012 Toyota Corolla₦1,250,000
2013 Toyota Corolla₦1,400,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota 4 Runner

2004 Toyota 4 Runner₦650,000
2005 Toyota 4 Runner ₦710,000
2006 Toyota 4 Runner ₦850,000
2007 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,050,000
2008 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,200,000
2009 Toyota 4 Runner ₦1,400,000
2010 Toyota 4 Runner₦2,250,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Avensis

Prices of Toyota Avensis in Nigeria
Prices of Toyota Avensis in Nigeria
2003 Toyota Avensis ₦400,000
2004 Toyota Avensis ₦430,000
2005 Toyota Avensis ₦450,000
2006 Toyota Avensis ₦480,000
2007 Toyota Avensis₦550,000
2008 Toyota Avensis ₦650,000
2009 Toyota Avensis₦850,000
2010 Toyota Avensis₦950,000
2011 Toyota Avensis₦1,100,000
2012 Toyota Avensis₦1,230,000
2013 Toyota Avensis₦1,400,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Avalon

2003 Toyota Avalon ₦550,000
2004 Toyota Avalon₦600,000
2005 Toyota Avalon₦650,000
2006 Toyota Avalon₦710,000
2007 Toyota Avalon₦850,000
2008 Toyota Avalon₦1,100,000
2009 Toyota Avalon₦1,300,000
2010 Toyota Avalon ₦1,750,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Venza

2003 Toyota Avanza₦400,000
2004 Toyota Avanza ₦450,000
2005 Toyota Avanza ₦480,000
2006 Toyota Avanza₦510,000
2007 Toyota Avanza₦630,000
2008 Toyota Avanza₦750,000
2009 Toyota Avanza₦950,000
2010 Toyota Avanza₦1,100,000
2011 Toyota Avanza₦1,250,000
2012 Toyota Avanza ₦1,400,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota FJ Cruiser

2003 FJ Cruiser₦550,000
2004 FJ Cruiser₦600,000
2005 FJ Cruiser ₦650,000
2006 FJ Cruiser₦710,000
2007 FJ Cruiser₦850,000
2008 FJ Cruiser₦1,150,000
2009 FJ Cruiser₦1,300,000
2010 FJ Cruiser ₦1,800,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Highlander

2003 Toyota Highlander₦550,000
2004 Toyota Highlander₦600,000
2005 Toyota Highlander₦650,000
2006 Toyota Highlander ₦750,000
2007 Toyota Highlander₦850,000
2008 Toyota Highlander₦1,150,000
2009 Toyota Highlander ₦1,300,000
2010 Toyota Highlander ₦1,800,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Landcruiser Prado
Toyota Landcruiser Prado
2003 Land Cruiser₦1,050,000
2004 Land Cruiser ₦1,250,000
2005 Land Cruiser ₦1,480,000
2006 Land Cruiser ₦1,550,000
2007 Land Cruiser ₦1,630,000
2008 Land Cruiser₦2,050,000
2009 Land Cruiser ₦2,450,000
2010 Land Cruiser₦3,100,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Matrix

2010 Toyota Matrix Price in Nigeria 2020 - Specs, Interior and Engine
2010 Toyota Matrix
2003 Matrix₦400,000
2004 Matrix₦430,000
2005 Matrix₦450,000
2006 Matrix₦480,000
2007 Matrix ₦530,000
2008 Matrix ₦630,000
2009 Matrix₦850,000
2010 Matrix₦950,000
2011 Matrix ₦1,100,000
2012 Matrix₦1,230,000
2013 Matrix ₦1,400,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota RAV 4

2019 Toyota Rav4 In Nigeria Prices, Reviews, Interior, Model
2019 Toyota Rav4 In Nigeria Prices, Reviews, Interior, Model
2003 RAV 4 ₦400,000
2004 RAV 4₦430,000
2005 RAV 4₦450,000
2006 RAV 4₦480,000
2007 RAV 4 ₦530,000
2008 RAV 4₦630,000
2009 RAV 4₦850,000
2010 RAV 4 ₦950,000
2011 RAV 4 ₦1,100,000
2012 RAV 4₦1,250,000
2013 RAV 4₦1,400,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia
toyota sequoia
2003 Sequoia₦400,000
2004 Sequoia₦450,000
2005 Sequoia ₦480,000
2006 Sequoia ₦750,000
2007 Sequoia ₦850,000
2008 Sequoia₦1,150,000
2009 Sequoia₦1,350,000
2010 Sequoia ₦1,500,000
2011 Sequoia₦1,750,000
2012 Sequoia ₦2,100,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Sienna

2003 Sienna₦400,000
2004 Sienna₦430,000
2005 Sienna₦450,000
2006 Sienna₦550,000
2007 Sienna₦650,000
2008 Sienna ₦850,000
2009 Sienna ₦1,050,000
2010 Sienna₦1,250,000
2011 Sienna₦1,500,000
2012 Sienna₦1,700,000
2013 Sienna ₦1,800,000

Cost of Clearing Toyota Tundra

2020 Toyota Tundra
2020 Toyota Tundra
2004 Tundra₦650,000
2005 Tundra₦810,000
2006 Tundra₦950,000
2007 Tundra₦1,200,000
2008 Tundra₦1,520,000
2009 Tundra₦1,800,000
2010 Tundra₦2,230,000
2011 Tundra₦2,550,000

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  2. Please I’m confused at a point do you mean 70% is only charged on vehicles newer than 2016 and that vehicles from let’s say 2006 till 2015 only attract 35% duty i.e. cost of the vehicle ?

  3. Pls the lists do not include models before 2003. Can we have an idea of how much such cost. Let’s say cars from 1998. Thanks

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