As you drive, you will at one point or the order need water, a snack or any other that you wouldn’t be able to trash while driving. Kids will at one point or the other have needs that will also need to be settled as one drives hence, cleaning of the interior of a car becomes more important so as not to allow the car a breeding place for germs.

 A car’s interior refers to the features inside a car. These features are designed by the company’s interior design department. The interior design of a car is functional, attractive and also a basis for a car’s sales price.

Cleaning the interior of a car can be a little bit easier if only you know how best to achieve it. Here are a few guides on how to clean up one’s car interior;

1. Clear  Trash

Cleaning of a car’s interior should start up with picking of solid waste materials.  All recyclable items should be removed. Items like bottles, biscuit wraps, and toys should be picked up. It is also important that you take out your personal/ valuable stuff that can get in the way as you clean and also for safety reasons as you will not want your document or any other belonging damaged.

2. Clean Up Floor Mats

Floor mats of a car become dirty as people step in and out of the car as it is the resting place for shoes. Cleaning of the floor mats will require that it be pulled out of the vehicle and dusted properly as this will make further cleaning easy. The dusting will eliminate specks of dirt in the forms of sand and dust. Dirt in the form of stains on the floor mat will require washing with soap and water afterward it should be put out to dry.

3. Clean With Vacuum

A vacuum is also referred to as a vacuum cleaner. It is a cleaning device which can store dirt during its cleaning process in a dustbag, the dust bag is then emptied after the cleaning period. All parts of the interior of a car should be cleaned with the vacuum, including all seats.

4. Time For A Napkin/ Towel

The next stage will involve a towel/ napkin and a cleaner (car- specified), not all cleaners are appropriate for the interior of a car. You must use a good car specified cleaner to achieve a sparkling look.

5.  Clean Cup Holders

Car manufacturers are aware that one might need to sip water or any other liquid during the process of driving, hence, they made provision for a cup holder. A cup holder helps reduce the spillage of fluids, it holds the can as one drive. The cup holder should be cleaned as a few drops of liquid could drop on it and this could turn out to be a breeding ground for germs or bring about unpleasant smell if not properly cleaned.

6. Wipe The Windows

There are window cleaners designed specifically for this purpose, get a window cleaner and paper towel as some towels might leave its particles on the window after cleaning. An alternative to window cleaner will include a mixture of 1/2 cup of vinegar,1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of water all combined and your homemade window cleaner is ready.

8. Clean Up Stains

Light stains can be removed with a wet towel/napkin but stubborn stains would require a stain remover. check up for stains, there are stain removers designed to wipe off stains, apply to a napkin and clean the stained surface.

9. Air Your Car Seat

It will be a good practice to air car seats as you clean up, but on days where the weather isn’t sunny, opening all doors and windows will be fine.

10. Use Air Freshener

An Air freshener is needed to leave your car smelling nice. You can also put some amount of baking powder in a sealable plastic bag, leave it to stay in the car for 24 hours. This will help freshen up the car. Long-lasting air fresheners are advised in cases where your cleaning routine isn’t very often.

11. Put Everything Back In Place

In the cause of cleaning, one would have moved some interiors from its actual place. for instance, the foot mats would have been removed, Now is the time to return to its original position.

A cleaning wipe is advised for cleaning instead of a towel.

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