Christmas Travel by Road: Best Bus To travel with Across Nigeria, Prices And Traveling Guide

Travelling is one of the exciting things we all look forward to doing during Christmas. And why not? Christmas is always a pleasant season to have fun, hook up with friends, go for a family/personal vacation etc. 

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Last year’s Christmas was curtailed because of restrictions in local/International travels due to Covid-19, but this year 2021 is really different! You can travel anywhere you desire to have that much-needed break/vacation you have always longed for. You can decide to travel by flight or by road. For the majority, Christmas travel by road is usually the preferred choice due to affordability and safety.

Best Bus To Follow Across Nigeria

Regardless of your destination within Nigeria, there are buses ready to take you there at a very affordable price. Nigeria is blessed with reputable bus transport companies located at strategic places within the country. These transport companies have terminals in different states across Nigeria and are readily available to transport you to your desired destination safely. Below are the best bus transport companies to travel with this Christmas;

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ABC Transport

Founded in 1992, ABC Transport is one of the oldest and most reliable means of bus transport in Nigeria. The trademark of the company is a true representation of that which its users testify of. The company trademark is the Reindeer, which can be found on all their buses. This signifies the strength, speed and excellence with which ABC transport operates. They have terminals in almost all states in Nigeria

ABC transport has been recognized for its immense contributions to the transportation sector since it started. They have won several awards some of which are the Best Transporter in Nigeria Award by the Chartered Institute of Transport, Nigeria, 2015;  National Bus Operator of the Year Award. (They have won this award various times) etc. 

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God Is Good Motors

God is Good Motors (GIGM) Transport is another highly ranked transport company that you can make use of this Christmas. Their buses have enough legroom, headroom, media outlet and of course, air conditioning to give you a pleasant ride. 


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Peace Mass Transit

Peace Mass Transit ranks amongst the top 5 transport companies in Nigeria. This is well deserved as the transport company is reputable; has clean functional buses; great customer service; working online booking services amongst others. The transport company has over 3000 bus fleets with a larger portion servicing major routes in Nigeria.


  • Customer Care: +2347007322362
  • Enquiry: +2348055492865
  • Complaint: +2348055091806
  • Website:

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Cross Country Transport Service

Cross Country Transport service is another big player in the transport service in Nigeria. Their drivers are trained and qualified; they also speak respectfully to customers. There is hardly any accident record with Cross Country Transport service. You can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride.

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Chisco Transport

Chisco Transport offers efficient and reliable transport services to customers. They have a top-notch customer service system that responds to customers’ needs promptly. Their motto aptly- your comfort, our priority- aptly describes what you get from Chisco Transport. With well-maintained and equipped buses, you can be sure of an exciting journey on your way to Lagos. 

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Ifesinachi Transport Company 

This transport company boasts of over 500 Toyota Hiace Buses, 200 luxurious buses and more than 3,500 workers. Ifesinachi Transport Company has been in operation for over 26 years, and thus have a reputation for offering quality transport service to Nigerians. Their buses frequently travel to almost all the states within Nigeria.


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Prices Of Bus Travel This Christmas

Below are the prices of major states travelled by bus transport companies in Nigeria;

Abuja – Utako <==> Lagos – Jibowu12, 500-14,000
Ibadan – New Ife Rd Opp Oando Filling Station Alaakia <==> Abuja – Gwagwalad10, 000-13,000
Lagos – Jibowu <==> Abuja – Kubwa12, 500-14,000
Lagos – Mazamaza <==> Abuja – Gwagwalada10, 000 – 12,000
Kaduna – Mando <==> Lagos – Jibowu9, 500 – 11,000
Owerri – Egbu Road <==> Lagos – Jibowu10, 500 – 12,000
Abuja – Utako <==> Owerri – Egbu Road10, 500 – 12,000
Lokoja <==> Ibadan – New Ife Rd Opp Oando Filling Station Alaakia10, 000 – 13,000
Abuja <==> Calabar8,500- 12,000
Calabar <==> Lagos7,000-10,000
Lagos <==> Sokoto13,000-15,000
Lagos <==> Kano10,000-15,000

Travelling Tips This Christmas

  • Book your tickets early to avoid a spike in transport prices.
  • Pack all you need before the date of your travel.
  • Don’t eat any food that will upset your stomach, especially if it’s a long ride.
  • Bring along a carry-on bag to keep your valuables like phones, wallet, ATM cards etc.
  • Don’t go with too much luggage, travel as light as possible. Remember, the holidays don’t last forever; too much luggage may be inconvenient to carry around.
  • If you experience motion sickness, don’t forget to bring your medications with you or take it before you leave home.
  • Arriving at your destination late at night might be risky, try to have someone waiting for you at the park who you will walk with to your final destination.

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