Check out this HiPhi X, China’s high-tech version of the Tesla

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The car you are looking at is China’s version of the Tesla, and you need to have $120,000 to own it.

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China's high-tech version of the Tesla - HiPhi X
China’s high-tech version of the Tesla – HiPhi X

The China Tesla is the HiPhi X, a fully electric luxury crossover from Human Horizons.

The car is the second from the EV brand and has been crowned as China’s best-selling luxury EV.

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Well, that’s not entirely surprising because the tech used to build the car is insane!

In the front of the car, you’ll find massive headlights connected to an LED strip that spans the vehicle’s width.

China's high-tech version of the Tesla - HiPhi X
China’s high-tech version of the Tesla – HiPhi X

These headlights happen to be one of the most remarkable features of the China Tesla.

The headlights display fun images, including smiley faces, hearts, and thumbs up and down signals. The other fun part is that the driver can change them at will.

China's high-tech version of the Tesla - HiPhi X
China’s high-tech version of the Tesla – HiPhi X

The thumbs-down signal, in particular, might come in handy in peak hour traffic.

An incredible thing the car designers did was pair suicide doors with Batmobile gull-wing doors. When the doors open, a panel on the roof opens with them to give the passengers more space when getting in and out.

The suicide doors will open automatically but are smart enough to sense if something’s in the way.

Like the American Tesla, if you are standing in the way or a car is parked too close, the HiPhi X will stop the doors before they hit anything.

HiPhi X Interior

HiPhi X Interior
HiPhi X Interior

The inside of the HiPhi X is big enough to seat six people.

It has One Touch tech, which controls the air conditioning, heating, windows and lighting.

Passengers in the backseat can also customise their seats for maximum comfort, sliding them left and right as well as backwards and forwards.

HiPhi X interior
HiPhi X interior

There’s a massive 14.6-inch display screen in front of the driver, a 16.9-inch screen in the centre, and a 19.9-inch wide screen in front of the passenger.

This car’s interior has an overwhelming futuristic look. But, if you look closely, it’s compromised using cheap-looking plastic covers.

On a brighter note, the seats are covered in vegan leather, with bright orange stitching to give them a pop of colour.

The car has front and rear motors, which produce an impressive 598 horsepower.

Despite its 2500kg weight, the HiPhi X can go from 0-100km/h in just 3.9 seconds.

Still, all of these do not make the HiPhi X a cheap car as it’s an expensive ride.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Tesla HiPhi X

How Much Is The HiPhi X?

The HiPhi X 6-seater costs $120,000. The car was unveiled to customers at the Chengdu Motor Show.

Who Are The Developers Of The Chinese Tesla?

Human Horizons is the first Chinese brand with its HiPhi X model. The car, since its launching, has also been topping the sales chart of electric vehicles.

Is The HiPhi X An EV?

Yes. The HiPhi X is also an electric vehicle like its American version.

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