Arthur Eze represents a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, one of the biggest privately-owned petroleum companies in Nigeria.

Born on the 27th of November 1948 in Ukp, Dunukofia LGA, in Anambra State, Arthur Eze had his secondary school education at St. Augustine Secondary School in Nkwere, Imo State in 1970 after which he went for his degree in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering at  California State University from 1974.

Besides being a rich businessman, Arthur Eze is also from a royal family, hence he is often called Prince Arthur Eze. His traditional title is ‘Ozoigbondu’ of Ndi Igbo.

NET WORTH: Arthur Eze has an estimated net worth of $5.7 billion (3.2 trillion NGN)

King Arthur Eze reportedly owns a private jet, 7 Maybachs and 5 Rolls Royce, He is also rumoured to once own Triax, an airline.

Arthur Eze Private Jet

Arthur Eze  Private Jet
Arthur Eze Private Jet

Arthur Eze is the owner of a Falcon plane that he bought in 2015. Other than that, the legitimate business mogul claims a costly Bombardier stream assessed in an overabundance of $25 million.

In August 1, 2022, he bought another Private Jet, the American G450 Gulfstream Jet, Gulfstream G450 costs between $8 million for a 2005 model and $20.50 million for a 2017 model, according to Aircraft Bluebook’s Spring 2022 data.

Arthur Eze Cars

1) 5 Rolls Royce motors

Arthur Eze 2019 Rolls Royce
Arthur Eze 2019 Rolls Royce

Arthur Eze is a lover of Rolls Royce, in fact, he is a Rolls Royce collector, he owns about 5 different year and models of Rolls Royce and he Tops the list of 50 Rolls Royce owners in Nigeria

Outfitted with a twin-turbo V12 motor a gleam-in-obscurity rooftop and a self-destruction entryway type. About the cost, however cash is no item to these individuals, we consider some of you may be intrigued. You can get one of these for 160 million Naira or a custom model for just N220 million. He has up to 5 Rolls Royce models sitting in his garage.

Arthur Eze Rolls Royce
Arthur Eze Rolls Royce

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