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Check out the 2023 Purosangue SUV, Ferrari’s first SUV On The Way

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The Ferrari automaker, a seasoned supercar maker has always been known for its extraordinary supercars. But, it looks like times are changing, and the brand is ready to dabble in other areas in the automotive industry.

2023 Ferrari Purosangue SUV
2023 Ferrari Purosangue SUV

As many SUVs and truck cars are becoming the choice of millions of car lovers, Ferrari understands that and is about to make a switch to making SUV cars too. Now, Ferrari is adding the first-ever SUV to their lineup.

Ferrari has had a great history in racing. The brand was forged from the Alfa Romeo racing division. Founder Enzo Anselmo Giuseppe Maria Ferrari began the company with a racing team and moved forward into designing cars under the Ferrari name,

The first Ferrari was the 125 S Ferrari, which continues to dominate the racing world. Apart from making race cars, the Italian brand is also known for producing exotic cars for high-end clients. Its speciality has been shockingly beautiful supercars, but that’s about to change in no time.

The Very First 2023 Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Back View of the first ever Ferrari SUV

Much is unknown about the car yet, but according to Car and Driver, it’ll be worth the wait considering it’s Ferrari’s first-ever SUV.

There’s not much information about the model yet. There’s no knowledge of what the Ferrari SUV interior will look like and what type of powertrain it will pack. Well, Ferrari has shown a teaser of the powertrain of the V12 engine. 

What’s certain is that the Ferrari SUV will be expensive, and the average car shopper might not be able to afford the Ferrari SUV. Online, it’s been speculated that the SUV will cost up to $350,000.

But why is Ferrari suddenly interested in making SUVs? Which other supercar company will follow next? Lamborghini?

Why Is Ferrari Suddenly Making SUV Cars?

Before now, Ferrari has always said there won’t be any SUV in its lineup. So, what’s changing now? The brand started through racing, and it had the goal to continue on that path. However, they’re beginning to listen to their customers’ ideas.

Interior of the Ferrari SUV
Interior of the Ferrari SUV

The truth is that supercars are fantastic, but many are not great on gas, and none are family-friendly or can be used for daily driving. Hence, more people looking for hands-on, friendly cars move towards SUVs and trucks.

They are helpful during off-roading, boast roomy cabins, make excellent work vehicles, and provide spacious cargo areas. 


Because of the growing interest in SUV cars, automakers like Ford have wholly left their sedan lineups. It’s highly unlikely Ferrari will abandon supercars. But, the Ferrari Purosangue is the Italian legend’s acknowledgement that it can’t ignore the growth of SUVs.

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