Christmas cars – The season of Christmas is here again, a time of great festivities. Looking at this year, one would need to take a deep breath and be thankful that the year is coming to an end. Individuals, families, businesses, and companies have in one way or another taken a beating of some sought from the different issues faced this year.

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The season is here, and you can’t help but get in the spirit of things. Research says this is the best time to buy a car and in fact the absolute best time. December is the end of the final quarter of the year, car salesmen and automobile companies are working towards meeting their benchmark for the year.

That said if you are in the market for a ride this Christmas. For something to take home to Mama, to congratulate yourself about, a family car to drive around with, or just a change from your normal ride. Then sit tight as we give you the top ten cars to buy this Christmas.

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10. Toyota Corolla:

2020 Toyota Corolla Trims
2020 Toyota Corolla Trims

This is a well-known ride in Nigeria, in fact, a best-seller among Nigerian car dealers. Its advantages include durability, affordability, cheap maintenance, fuel economy, and so on. With a lot of love from car dealers and drivers, a used Toyota Corolla goes from ₦1.4million to ₦5.5million. With a new one going for ₦22million or less.

9. Hyundai Grand i10:

Made In Nigeria Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10

First launched in India with a sporty hatchback. This car is great for spinsters, bachelors, and small families. It gained popularity in Nigeria because of its affordability. Its features include keyless entry, 1.1litre four-cylinder engine, power windows, voice recognition on steering, and more. The used price ranges from ₦700,000 to ₦3.2million, while the new one is around ₦4 million.

8. Volkswagen Golf:

Meet 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI First Leaked Photos
2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Golf has a drive system with 4 motions. It also has a drive mode selector that changes the feel of the car when driving. The unique design of the Volkswagen Golf gives it a special place on Nigerian roads. It was specifically built for Nigerian roads. A 2007 model Volkswagen Golf goes for ₦1.8million and the 2012 model goes for ₦4.5million.

7. Toyota Sienna:

Toyota Siena 2021
Toyota Siena 2021

In terms of travelling on Nigerian roads, with space and cargo in mind. This should be at the top of your list. A family with plans to buy a new car should go for this. The Sienna(foreign or locally used) falls between ₦1 million to ₦15 million for 2004-2017 models.

6. Nissan Pathfinder:

2020 Nissan Pathfinder
2020 Nissan Pathfinder

For withstanding tough roads, keeping you comfortable, and with average reliability. Pathfinder is a perfect choice. Also one of the top choices among Nigerian drivers and car owners. A locally/foreign used Nissan Pathfinder goes for ₦900,000 to ₦8.3million for 2003-2014 models.

5. Range Rover Sport:

TB Joshua Range Rover
2021 Range Rover

This offers a combination of wonderful off-road performance, driver assistance, and sensors that take care of high-speed cornering and hard road obstacles. It also has a luxurious cabin and a heightened sound system. Its 2007 model goes for ₦2.3million while its 2017 model goes for ₦41million. With a ten year difference, it should give you an idea of its price and worth.

4. Lexus RX350:

2020 Lexus RX350
2020 Lexus RX350

The bestselling Lexus SUV in Nigeria. This Lexus gives affordability for its attractive factors. It has some similarities with the Lexus RX330 but has a lot more to give. Its earlier models might interest you if you have a light pocket. The 2020 model provides a 5-7 seating arrangement, Amazon Alexa, 6 USB ports, redesigned styling, and lots more. The used one ranges from ₦2.3million to ₦21million and the new one is ₦34million or less.

3. Honda Pilot:

2021 Honda Pilot Price, Redesigned Exterior, Interior & Features
2021 Honda Pilot Price, Redesigned Exterior, Interior & Features

Introduced in 2002, this is a midsized crossover SUV. It is a rugged car, with matchless safety technology and a boxy design. It also boasts of fuel economy and a glamorous interior. Its used price goes from ₦1 million to ₦15.5million and the new one goes for ₦27 million or less.

2. Toyota Highlander:

2019 Toyota Highlander Price, Spec, Reviews in Nigeria
2019 Toyota Highlander Price, Spec, Reviews in Nigeria

Nigeria’s most purchased midsize SUV. This is a reputation the Toyota Highlander has been living up to for years. The Highlander SUV which doubles as a family car for Nigerian roads gives you a 7-8 seating arrangement, 8-speed auto transmission, four-cylinder engine, fuel economy, and more. Its rivals are the Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Edge. The used price ranges from ₦1.7million to 19 million and the New one is ₦30 million or less.

1. Mercedes-Benz G-Class:

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Mercedes-Benz G-Class

With class, success, and luxury attached to it. You can never go wrong with a Benz. A very deep pocket comes along with it. Its interior design is unrivalled and exclusive to the Mercedes brand. It also includes automatic emergency braking, driver drowsiness monitor, nine-speed automatic transmission, 5 seating capacity, and lots more. The earlier/used version goes for ₦4.5 million to ₦150million. The 2020 new model is around ₦50-200 million.

In conclusion. Car dealers and Salesmen who are looking forward to hitting their sales goal before the end of the year, would be open to giving you good deals, on any car of your choice this season. This is a very good time to get a new car because you get to avoid the mistakes made when you fail to negotiate. Car dealers and sellers at this time are open to negotiations and dealing right. At least to hit their sales mark.

So make your choice and get that ride. There has never been a better time than now.

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