Car Wash Price List in Nigeria – The Best Car Washers

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Car Washing in Nigeria is still a growing business in Nigeria, and it is starting to boom over time. Before now, many people preferred to wash their cars at home, using harmful substances on the bodies of their cars. Most persons washed their cars at home either because there was no car wash business around their residence or they were not properly acquainted with the price of washing a Car in Nigeria. It also used to be a big man thing to be able to afford washing your car in a car wash. How times have changed!

Car Wash Price
Car Wash Price

Now, with development and population, there are a lot of car wash businesses springing up in different parts of Nigeria, especially Lagos. In previous years, a car wash business could be just a small tent, a tank, a hose, a washer, and a rag, but today there are many types of equipment used at a properly constructed car wash that makes washing cars car easy and stress-free.

So, what’s the need in stressing yourself out just to wash your car(s) at home, when there are car washers that live to help you do that? Wherever you are living in Nigeria, especially Lagos, there is an affordable car wash waiting to help you wash your car.

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List of the Best Car Washers in Nigeria

In this list, I present to you the top 10 best Car Washers in Nigeria, in no particular order. You may have your personal preference or opinion, but this list is a compilation of researches put together on the topic being discussed.

CarSpa Integrated Services Limited

Located at Plot 20A Christ Avenue, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, this car wash offers a cleaning service that delivers professional cleaning services, including a car repair shop, tow service, car check-up, and everything car maintenance to its customers.

Autocare Centre Lekki

This car wash company provides a car wash experience for exterior car washing, car waxing, car interior cleaning, gauging of car tyres, and other services. It is located Opposite Abijo, GRA Bus Stop, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki.

Autosparkle Mobile Waterless Carwash

This tech-enhanced car wash located in Lagos, Nigeria uses a waterless system to get your car clean and detailed in no time. At this car wash, they cater to cars without using water. They are involved in stain removal, dashboard conditioning, leather treatment, roof cleaning, deodorization, vacuuming, and other related services. It is located at Westwood Estate, Badore Road, Ajah, Lagos State.

GeoWash Nigeria

Located at 19A Sinari Daranijo Street, off Ajose Adeogun Street, this car wash provides a washing method that uses biodegradable formulas to get any type of stubborn dirt on the car. Geo wash Nigeria takes care of its customer’s cars by using cleaning agents that are not harsh to the body of the vehicle.

Dynamic Car Wash

Located at Km 3, East-West Road, Obio Akpor, Port-Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria, this car wash-Dynamic, focuses on giving its customers a total car wash experience focusing not only on the exterior but also on the interior part of the vehicle. They also deliver auto repair services to their customers.

AutoPanacea Car Wash

This car wash is located at Number 10, Kato Street, Ojokoro, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos. They provide a car wash convenience and total car exterior cleansing to satisfy their customers.

Expert Car Wash

They provide a thorough automobile cleaning solution with services that offer a complete exterior and interior cleaning experience to their customers. This car wash is located at Number 5, Akiogun Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Oscars Autocare and Grill

This car wash offers an experience not only limited to car washing, but also has a restaurant, a saloon, an auto repair service, and a car wash. It is the total package you might be looking for if you are in need of the four stellar services they provide. They are situated on the Island part of Lagos at Number 43, Ajiran Road, Agungu, Lekki, Lagos.

Riltouche Water-less Car Wash

If you are looking for a car wash that does not use water to get rid of stains off your car body, then this car wash is just right for you. They provide an alternative method in car cleaning to remove stains from the car without affecting the paint of the car, they also offer interior services. They are located at Ikota Shopping Complex, Lekki, Lagos.

Sparrows Car Wash Systems

This car wash is located at 19B, Olatunde Ayoola Street, Anthony Village, Lagos. They offer services such as surface cleaning, truck wash, car steaming, interior deep cleaning and so much more.

Car Wash Price List in Nigeria

Car Wash Price List in Nigeria
Car Wash Price List in Nigeria

Each of the top 10 car washes in Nigeria provides various services that differ in price. What you get from one car wash, may not be the same experience at another car wash shop. As the experiences differ, so does their price list differ.

There is no permanent price list that they use to attend to their customers. But in Nigeria, a total car service inclusive of both exterior and interior washing should cost no more than N30, 000. The price list also depends on the location of the car wash, because in Lagos, most businesses on the Island charge more than businesses on the Mainland part of Lagos.


As stated earlier, this car wash list is not cast in stone as personal preferences and experience may make you want to disagree. But one thing is sure; if you ever visit any of the 10 listed carwashes you will get the value of your money.

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