When it comes to buying cars, there are many options such as purchasing a new one, purchasing a foreign used one or swapping your current one for a new or used one. The first two options involve paying a lot of money that could be a burden on the car owner if the person is not economically buoyant. The car swapping is much cheaper because all you have to do is just change your car for another with lesser fees.

How To Know When To Swap your used car

Before swapping your car, you have to know when it is time to do so. It is a really common process in South Africa and all around the world so it is not something to worry much about when wanting to start the process.

  • You Want To Upgrade

With the years going by fast, there are reasons to want to join the clique of rich car owners or you just want to ensure you have the recent model of the car you are using, that is the time you know you want to swap. It is a good idea especially when you do not want to buy a new car with lots of money and just have enough to pay for a swapped one.

  • You Do Not Want To Sell Your Car And Be Stranded

When thinking of buying a new car, the most likely scenario is to sell your car and get a new one when you have the money. If you really need the car or you use it for daily use and just want to get a new one,  would be much better to swap instead.

How To Swap Cars In South Africa

Things have been made much easier for people nowadays with advancements in technologies whereby one can just go online and get a car swapped instead of queueing or waiting in line to be attended to. The websites listed below will help a lot when you need to swap your car. Just type the name online and you are good to go.

Benefits Of Car Swapping

If it was not as popular as it is, it would not have benefits. The following are the benefits of swapping your car in South Africa;

  1. Upgrading or swapping a car costs less
  2. You can make quick cash by downgrading your car.
  3. It does not take much time as buying a new car.
  4. Some companies offer great benefits for swapping your car on their websites.

Where To Swap Cars In South Africa


WeBuyCars has helped many South African car owners to trade in their cars without any issues or delays. Whether it is a bug new car that you want to trade for a smaller one or the other way around, they help make it happen. Car owners can trade in their vehicles at any of their branches and their dedicated staff will help make it easy and stress-free all in just one process.

To begin, the car owner just has to complete the “Sell my car” form online to sell your car and browse through the thousands of many vehicle options there are on the website or either just visit any of their branches.


  • You can trade-in your car in just a day.
  • With WeBuyCars, you can have a one-stop trade-in process with the convenience of using our value-added services in-house.
  • You get quick and efficient assistance from our buying and selling representatives.
  • WeBuyCars branches are true “Car Supermarkets” and get the largest amount and variety of pre-owned cars to choose from in South Africa.
  • You can trade-in your vehicle, even if it has not fully been paid for.

Junk Mail

Junk mail is a South African vehicle swapping website that allows car owners to swap vehicles easily on the site. The website displays vehicles of people that want to get their cars swapped so others can view it easily on the website and purchase them. The prices are also given so it is stress-free. Their customer care line and address are on the website in case of any issues. Not only do they sell cars but also car parts in case one needs to get a car part replaced.


With GetWorth, anyone in South Africa can easily get their car replaced with another one. Vehicles that are qualified get immediate cash upfront and profit when it sells. The good thing about the company is that they give 7 days or 700km to decide whether your new car truly suits your needs with a money-back guarantee if you end up not liking the car.

Their company is at 12B Railway Road, Montague Gardens, 7441 and they open 8 am-5 pm Weekdays 9 am-1 pm Saturday or you can call them on 021 126 0300.

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