Who says you always have to spend a large sum of money before you can buy a new car? When it comes to buying another car in Ghana, you could either buy it brand new or buy a foreign used car. This will require spending lots of Ghana cedis, which many Ghanaians don’t have. However, there is an alternative means to get a car without necessarily paying or spending much money. This alternative is called car swapping.

Car Swap In Nigeria
Car Swap In Nigeria: How And Where To Do A Car Swap

Car swapping is simple and straightforward. In car swapping, you need a new car, you meet someone that has the car you want, the person is interested in your own car as well, and you swap cars! In some instances, you might need to add a little cash to cover up for the new car you want to have.

Things To Consider Before You Swap Cars In Ghana

Not every car owner necessarily needs to swap cars before they have a car in Ghana. If you fall into any of the categories listed below, then you can take the decision to swap cars.

You Desire Another Car But You Don’t Have Enough Money For It

Sometimes, your present car is just old and you need a change. Knowing the cost of a car, a new one will definitely drain your account. A cheap way to own another car is to swap it with the new car of your taste.

You Need A Vehicle Downgrade

The present car you are using might be too expensive for you to maintain. It’s eating your money whereas you need fast cash. A car swap can come to your rescue as you trade it off to someone else who needs it while you get a lesser vehicle with extra pay. This way, you get your desired vehicle downgrade and fast cash.

You Need A Vehicle Upgrade

When you need a car of higher value, and you don’t have all the cash for it, then you can consider swapping your current car in exchange. This way, owning a better vehicle becomes affordable for you.

Benefits Of Car Swapping In Ghana

  1. With a car swap, you can do a car upgrade without spending too much
  2. A car downgrade is a way to make some quick cash
  3. It doesn’t take as much time as first selling a car before buying a new one
  4. Car swapping allows you to enjoy the best of different car brands without having to pay much.

How To Do Car Swapping In Ghana

As I mentioned earlier, car swapping is easy and straightforward. There are no hard and fast rules to it. However, a few basic steps apply.

How To Make Your Car Available For Swap

The first thing is to make your car available for swap. To swap your car, you can either make use of car dealers or private car sellers. The first thing you need to do to swap your car in Ghana is to locate a car dealer or better still log on to their website. After locating a car dealer, you would most likely be given a form to fill out. On this form, you would be asked to input the details of your car and your reasons for swapping it. It is important you fill in the true details of your car and not lie.

Car Inspection

Once you are done filling out the form, the next step is that the car dealer will most likely request that you make your car available for inspection. This inspection stage is tight scrutiny where every detail you gave about your car will be evaluated. This way the dealer checks out your car and ascertains it is good for swapping.

Swap The Car

If your car scales through the inspection stage, then it’s good to go for swapping. The next thing is that the car dealer displays to you other cars that are of the same value as your car. If what you want is an upgrade, the dealer will show higher-value cars and how much you need to pay. On the other hand, if it’s a downgrade, you will need to reach an agreement with the dealer about the amount you will be paid.

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Where To Swap Cars In Ghana

Cars45 Limited

Cars45 is fast becoming a global brand where you can buy, sell and swap cars. they have an outlet in Ghana and Nigeria.

Contact details:

  • Address: 51 Blohum Street, Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 266 417 275
  • Website: cars45.com.gh

Prevas Motors

At Prevas Motors, you get quality and cool swapping deals.

Contact details:

  • Address: 1st Junction Street 233, Teshie, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone Number: +233 26 226 5469
  • Website: http://prevasmotors.net/

Akwaaba Motors

Akwaaba Motors are involved in the buying and selling of both brand new and used cars. You can also swap your car at Akwaaba Motors.

Contact details:

  • Address: 22 Agape High St, Accra Ghana
  • Sales Phone: +233 30 298 0918
  • Website: akwaabamotorsgh.com/

Stoub Limited

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable place to swap your car in Ghana, Stoub Limited should be on the list. They are also involved in the buying and selling of cars

Contact details:

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  1. I Will like to swap my kia rio for a matrix 3. I need it to operate as taxi


    I have a GMC 2013 Model and want to swap it with a Toyota Corolla with appropriate add on cash

  3. I want to swap ML350 2009, it uses desiel engine 3.0. If need be will top up for Toyota highlander or Honda CRV.

  4. Please I have both kio Rio 2006 and Kia Sportage 2006 for swap. Cars are in good shape

  5. Please I have cool mitsubishi mirage 2015 model 2020 registered and want to swap to de same mitsubishi mirage 2016 model or above
    Kindly call or WhatsApp if you’re interested 0544216202

  6. Dake GodsIove Reply

    I have Kia Rio and I want to swap it with ople Astra B WhatsApp me or call me

  7. James Nenyo Reply

    I have Kia Spectra and want to swap it for Toyota Vitz or Yaris


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