Oftentimes, we get into circumstances or places where we just can’t move around with our personally-owned cars. We just need a temporary vehicle to suffice. This is where car rental or car hire becomes crucial. Car rental is a service offered by car rental companies/agencies to rent automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. The need to rent a car usually arises when, for instance, you are a traveller or tourist in a new location; your car got damaged; or when you are awaiting Insurance compensation.

In virtually all cities in the world, car rental companies are always available, even in Ghana. If you are just entering the shores of Ghana for the first time, your time spent will be more exciting when there’s a comfortable car to drive you around. There are many remarkable cars hire companies in Ghana ready to rent out a car for that vacation, road trip, wedding, business function or any other use that you may require. Hiring cars in Ghana is nothing difficult, but there are certain things you need to keep abreast of. This article provides answers to everything you need to know about hiring cars in Ghana.

Factors To Consider Before Renting A Car In Ghana

The size of the car

The body style of cars ranges from sedans, to midsize SUVs, to coupes, etc. Before choosing a car to rent in Ghana, find out if the car will be comfortable for you. For instance, if you are on vacation with your family, a minivan would be more appropriate than a sedan.


Renting a car comes at a fee. Various car rental services in Ghana offer their cars for rent at different costs. It’s best for you to research and compare prices before settling for any car to rent. Always look for the best money-saving deals. Finally, look for special offers before deciding on which car hire company you are going to choose.

Self drive vs chauffeur services

Not all cars for rent are available for self-drive. This is why you should research well on the kind of services offered by the car hire company you want to rent from. Self-drive offers allow you to drive around in the rented car by yourself for the rental period. Chauffeur services mean a driver is available to drive the car you want to rent. This has its advantages especially if you are in a location you are unfamiliar with.

The car’s interior

You might wonder why the car’s interior is relevant to rent a car? It is because you don’t want to pay for damages you didn’t cause. Check out the car very well for dents, scratches, stains etc and notify the car hire company immediately before leaving the premises.

Car Rental Prices in Ghana

Car Rental Prices in Ghana
Car Rental Prices in Ghana

The price of car hire varies depending on the type of car hired, the duration of hire, whether it is self-drive or chauffeur driven amongst other factors. On average, prices range from approximately GHS 100 – 3000GHS per day. The price is determined by the car rental company you prefer.

List Of Car Rental Companies In Ghana

Avis Ghana

Located in Soula Loop North Labone in Accra,  Avis Ghana provides services for corporate transportation, airport transfers, shuttle services, and travel services. Avis Ghana has a fleet of over 50 vehicles which range from sedans, 4x4s, minibuses. It also offers one of the best wedding car rentals in Accra.

Avis Ghana makes car renting easy. You can book a car, make payments and make other logistics through their website.

Ghana Car Rentals

Ghana Car Rentals provides luxurious cars for rentals. Their vehicles are well maintained and offer comfort amenities like air-conditioning, a driver, radio/cd player, and even free mileage on some of their cars. Prices range between $95 and $125 per day. They can be found in Asylum Down in Accra.

You can make bookings and make inquiries via their website here.

Yoks Ghana

With Yoks, you can rent a variety of luxury cars from a Jaguar XJL, Toyota Rush, Volkswagen CC, Volkswagen Touareg, Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Azera, Nissan Urvan, and a Toyota Coaster for large groups. Their cars are kept in good condition, with experienced chauffeurs to drive you around. Comfort and safety are assured with cars rented from Yoks Ghana.

Yoks Ghana makes it easy for you to make bookings and reservations online.

Hertz Ghana

Located at the Holiday Inn Hotel close to the Kotoka International Airport, Hertz Ghana has cars in different categories such as SUVs and saloon cars. Hertz car rental company is an international brand experienced in giving quality car rental service to customers.

Bookings and reservations can be made via their website.

Eskel Car Rentals And Tours

Ever since it was founded in 2004, Eskel Car Rentals has grown in leaps and bounds. Their fleet of vehicles comprises luxury and executive cars, deluxe, four-wheel-drive vehicles, trucks, vans, minibuses for tourists and coaches. With Eskel Car Rentals and Tours, you can take advantage of their various special deals and discount offers to save yourself some money.

You can rent a car with Eskel car Rentals and Tours here.

Frequently Asked Question On Car Hire Rental In Ghana

Do I need insurance for my rental car?

It is not required that you purchase any collision insurance when you rent a car in Ghana. Because your car should normally come with the driver included, the car rental company will be held responsible for any accidents or damages to the vehicle.

Do I need to tip my rental car driver?

As a client, you are under no obligation to tip a driver. Drivers or chauffeurs are always fairly paid and compensated by the rental company for their job. However, tips are always appreciated but it’s a must.

Can I take my Ghana car rental to another country?

Yes, you can. But, you need to inform your car rental agency before doing so. Most rental cars in Ghana will have the proper documents to travel outside of the country, especially neighbouring countries like Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, or Ivory Coast.

What are the documents I need to reserve a self- drive rental?

A valid driving license (Ghanaian or International)

Does the chauffeur drive service attract an additional charge?

Yes, it does. The price is determined by the car rental company.

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