There are various processes involved in car rentals and the fees involved. Before renting a car, always note that other fees will be attached to the rental fee if you default on specific terms. It includes; taxes, the company’s fee, sub charges, and facility charges, including vehicle licensing fees. 

When looking to rent a car, money management companies advise that you review your contract, take note of and understand all the charges you could be billed. Ask about some of these charges before signing a contract to ensure it’s in your favour. Here are some of the types of car rental fees.

Early Return Fee

There is a stipulated amount in your contract that you will have to pay if you return a car earlier than the date written on your contract. Some car rentals charge a small fee for it. To avoid this issue, keep the car until the return date. 

Late Return Fee: 

The fee is also applicable to returning a car late after your scheduled date. It usually attracts an even higher fee. In case you are looking to extend your use of the car, make sure to call your car rental company for extensions privileges to avoid late return fees. 

Refuelling Fee

Before you are given a rental car, the company makes sure the fuel tank is filled. Returning this car also requires that you fill it back up. It is usually written in the signed contract. Failure to fill the tank will also attract a fee.

Frequent Traveler Program Fee

Many car rental companies have a stipulated mile you can drive the car. Exceeding this is defaulting to the company’s contract. If you are looking for credit on a frequent traveller program, there’s a stipulated small fee for this privilege. 

Lost Key Fee

When you lose a car rental key, you will be expected to pay for its replacement. The charges are often higher when the key in question is smart. You will end up paying a small fee.

Cancellation Fee

When you rent luxury or premium cars, the car company will ask you to guarantee the reservation with your debit card. 

Ensure you know how far in advance the cancellation of a reservation is if you change your mind about renting the car. Not knowing this will attract extra charges because some rental companies will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel after the deadline. 

Car Damage Fee

Ruining a car rental requires that you pay for the damages caused by the car. For some companies, there’s a fixed price, but for others, the price ranges depending on the level of ruin.


Car rental services are available in Nigeria, and there are fees attached when you default to their rules. Most people don’t know this initially. It would be best if you asked upfront before renting the car. 

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