Below the beautiful exterior of your car is a network of machine parts. You enjoy driving your car because these machine parts function effectively. Since these machine parts allow you to enjoy driving your car, you can easily forget that they need maintenance. You can get too used to driving your car and enjoy its amazing features, forgetting that machines are subjected to wear and tear with use and time.

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This is why car manuals come with routine maintenance practices. The car manufacturers intentionally put them there. If these maintenance practices are adhered to, your car will last longer. However, your busy schedule and day-to-day life can make you forget to keep up with the required maintenance routine. This leads to your car making some noises you need to pay attention to.

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10 Common Reasons Why A Car Won’t Start

These noises are pointers to the fact that your car needs care. Even if you do not forget your maintenance routines and keep to them, anything can happen to machines at any time. So, we are going to take you through some peculiar noises cars make, and what it means for your car.

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Strange Car Noises You Should Not Ignore

1)Any Sound When Making A Corner:

Your car should not give a strange sound when you try to negotiate a bend. If you hear one, however, the problem is likely with your steering linkage. It either needs more lubricating or is damaged. Whatever the case is, you can find out and do the needful. If it is damaged, you need to replace it.

2) Clunking When Braking:

A clunking sound when you are braking or driving your car over a speed bump is not cool. This may be due to a problem with the brake calliper or other hardware. If you hear a clunking sound when you brake, your brake calliper is either damaged, missing or improperly positioned.

3) Grinding Manual Transmission When Shifting:

If you drive a stick, then you are bound to shift gears regularly as you drive. If you feel a grinding every time you shift, there is a problem with your clutch. It might be worn or requires adjustment. If you check and your clutch is ok, then the problem is probably deep in your car transmission system.

4) Flapping:

Your car will give a flapping sound if there’s something interfering with the fan or a belt disintegrating.

5) Hissing Or Sizzling Under The Hood:

A hissing or sizzling sound is easy to detect when the engine is shut off. A hissing sound occurs when there is a leakage. It could be the vacuum line most times. A sizzling sound is connected to the engine overheating or a coolant leaking into a hot engine part.

6) Engine Knocking:

Your car engine can produce a knocking sound for a number of reasons. It could be poor lubrication or you are not using the fuel requirements in your owner’s manual.

7) Loud Bang:

The louder the bang, the more significant the problem is likely to be. It could be the air-fuel mixture is too rich. There could also be a problem with your catalytic converter.

8) Whirring Under The Car:

This could occur for different reasons. If the whirring increases with increasing acceleration, your car differential might need a lubricant. It could also mean a failure in transmission. You might need to pay attention to your wheel bearing too. There might be a problem there.

9) Popping In Engine Compartment:

There is more than one reason for a popping sound to come from the engine compartment. The noise is more significant if it comes with engine hesitation. What you should check to include your ignition, clogged fuel filter, worn or dirty spark plugs, and damaged spark plug wires.

10) Rattles Beneath The Vehicle:

This may be due to a loose exhaust pipe.

11) Increasing Roaring Sound When Accelerating:

 The first thing to check is the exhaust system. It could be damaged. There could also be issues with the transmission.

12) Squealing On Acceleration:

 This noise signifies a problem with belts. They might be loose or slipping. It could also mean a drive pulley for an accessory is out of alignment.

13) Squealing Wheels When Applying Brakes:

 This can be due to dirt on brake rotors, shoes, or pads. It could also be a scary scenario where such as badly worn brake pads or shoes. This is a safety issue and should be handled as such.

14) Grinding When Applying Brakes:

This means one thing. Metal is scraping against metal. The brake pads are completely damaged and need replacement.

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15) Whining:

This is due to excessive transmission wear.

16) Clicking In Engine Compartment:

This is due to a simple problem that is easy to fix. A clicking sound is because the engine is low in oil. All you need to do is check the oil level and top it.

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