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Car News That Mattered This Week: One Big Benefit Of The 2023 Toyota Sienna, Why You’ll Love The 2023 Toyota Highlander, The Full-Size Truck That Badly Needs A Redesign, BMW Oil Change Cost-Effectively

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There are so many exciting car updates from this week to keep you engaged. They range from how to change the oil in your BMW car to why you need the 2023 Toyota Sienna, why the Highlander is a better SUV than the Ford Explorer, and more. Keep reading to find out.

Car News That Mattered This Week
Car News That Mattered This Week

One Big Benefit Of The 2023 Toyota Sienna Over The Kia Carnival

The 2023 Sienna has one major competitor, no other than the 2023 Kia Carnival. Both minivans are great family cars, but this article states why the Sienna 2023 is a better option than the Kia Carnival.

Why You’ll Love The 2023 Toyota Highlander Instead of the Ford Explorer

The Highlander and the Ford Explorer are in the same category as midsize SUVs that everyone loves. However, the Highlander has so many advantages over the Explorer. While some of the are negligible, this particular advantage mentioned in the article is not.

The Full-Size Truck That Badly Needs A Redesign

Almost all the trucks in the category of this particular truck have gotten a redesign and for years, the automakers of the model are yet to upgrade it to look more like its competitors. The lack of redesign is also why not many people are talking about it or want it as they used to.

How To Change Oil In Your Luxury BMW And Save Money

Did you know you can service your luxury BMW at home without driving to the BMW dealership? Here’s an article that describes steps on how to change your BMW oil at home and save money.

How A Family Converted A School Bus Into A Flat

Have you heard of this before? Here’s an article about a family that bought a school bus for 2 million Naira and converted the bus into a beautiful-looking flat with electricity and other basic amenities.

Comedian Mr Bean Is Selling One Of His Cars And Here’s How Much It’ll Cost?

This article talks about the car owned by the popular comedian, Mr Bean and how much it has been placed for at pre-auction. It also contains other interesting car facts about the comedian.

Net Worth & Cars Of Nedu Wazobia & Chidi Mokeme

Here’s an article that explicitly talks about the car collection and the net worth of Shanty Town actor, Chidi Mokeme and Wazobia FM OAP, Nedu Wazobia. Their car collections will surprise you.

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