Car Maintenance Tips – It is surprising that a lot of people can spend an eternity online trying to research car reviews and do some analytic permutations with a bit of complex algebra, just to decide what car to buy. But not many people think about the ease of maintenance of the car.

You may think that thinking about car maintenance before car buying is putting the cart before the horse. Well, I should tell you right now, these two should be researched and put into consideration before buying any car. I can almost hear another person thinking, “Well, I’ve got my car mechanic for all that. Why do I have to bother myself?” Who says you need a car mechanic to do some basic maintenance?

You may already have this question in some faraway place at the edge of your mind but I’ll help you articulate them here.

What are the benefits of car maintenance?

Long lifespan

Have you ever gotten into a well-maintained car? If you have then I bet we would agree on this: The car often defies its age. Quick safety tip for you though: if the owner of the car is someone like my uncle who jumps at every moment to brag about his car and maintenance skills, by all means, avoid complimenting his car.

Generally, well-maintained cars tend to last longer than those that aren’t well maintained.


Is it just me or have you also noticed that your car knows how to pick the worst of days to break down? A well-maintained car has a low chance of breaking down on the road. And by extension, you are confident in the fact that your car wouldn’t add to the list of things that went wrong on your worst days.

Early detection of fatal faults

In the course of doing constant maintenance of your car, you may discover something strange that wasn’t always the case. Something that you can’t handle. When you see this, you can quickly call on your car mechanic to save the day before the fault multiplies.

Repairs will cost less

If it eventually comes to repairs, and can’t always avoid this, you know you wouldn’t have to spend much. Just a little bit to put some things straight.

Things to check in your car for Safety

●    Check the air filter

This might be a seemingly small component of your car but it is very relevant to the smooth running of your car. Your car needs to draw in air to help combust your fuel. This is filled with a lot of rubbish, dust and impurities that could badly hurt your car. The air filter filters out these unwanted components of the car and makes sure that the cleanest possible air is what makes it to your fuel.

As this air filter is what stands between you and the dirt, it’s bound to get dirty. All you have to do is change it. You can do this yourself or you could as well invite your car mechanic to do this for you.

●    Check the oil and its filter

Your car needs a lot of lubrication to keep it running smoothly. Your engine needs this the most. A lot of parts rub against one another, and without adequate lubrication, the friction could damage your engine.

Engine repairs are always costly. To prevent having to settle unnecessary expenses, check your oil and oil filter. If the oil is starting to get black, you need to change it immediately.

●    Take care of the tyres

The tyres are the parts of your car that do the dirtiest job with overuse, the air pressure in them is bound to lessen. Too low air pressure in the car might make steering hard for you. It also reduces the grip of the tyres on the road.

The right tyre pressure is about 30psi. Anything less isn’t good enough. Just make sure it is kept at this level or close to it. And for your safety, do this very often. Car Tyre Price In Nigeria, Best Tyre Brand To Buy

●    Inspect your car battery

The battery powers all electrical systems in your car. You couldn’t even start a car without a battery. Inspect the terminals. Clean them if you have to. Replace the battery every 2 to 3 years.

●    Don’t joke with the brakes

You know what the brakes are for. You know how important they are. You know what would happen without them. If you know those three, then you should know that you ought not to joke with the brakes.

Check the brake pads every month or so. If they need replacement, do not compromise on cost. Make sure you do the needful.

Final Words

Whatever these things cost in time and in money, I can assure you that a full-fledged repair would cost way more. That is why you should not compromise on the little time and money it may cost you to do these minor checks.

Any extra input enquires or questions would be appreciated and eagerly attended to if dropped in the comments section below.

Have a great day.

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