Many people are always thinking of how to make the interior of their car have more functionality, look more attractive and welcoming. The lifestyle, needs, and preferences of a person owning a car determine the kind of car interior accessories they will like to have in their car. Car interior accessories are meant to be used in the interior space of the car and there are lots of them;

Car Floor Mats

The floor of the car is susceptible to grime and dirt. Car floor mats can be used in the front and back seats, and they help to protect the floor of the car from stains, dirt, and grime. You especially need floor mats if you often convey kids and pets in your car in order to maintain the quality of the floor of your car.

Seat Covers

The seats of your car are subjected to dirt and stain just like the floor of your car, hence they need to be covered and protected. Seat covers are car interior accessories that protect your seats from damage. Seat covers also add comfort, style, and appearance to the vehicle.

Windshield Sun Shades

When a car is left exposed to sun or heat, the interior of the car tends to get heated up and this can damage some parts of the car. The heated interior also makes it uncomfortable for anyone to get into the car. Too much exposure to the sun can damage the dashboard of the car or discolor the seat upholstery. An essential car interior accessory to stop these damages is to get a windshield sunshade to block sunlight from entering your car.

Car Phone Holder

While driving, many people tend to need their phones for accessing GPS or MP4 devices. It is very inconvenient and risky to hold your phone with your hand while controlling the steering wheel and shifting gears as well. A car phone holder is a must-have car accessory you can use to keep your mobile phone in place while driving. Choose a durable, high quality, as well as a stylish holder with a two-arm range of 40-95 mm preferably.

Car Accessories Price List In Nigeria
Car Accessories Price List In Nigeria

Air Fresheners

Air fresheners might sound unfit to be a car interior accessory, but however, you will understand it is valuable when you enter a car with a sweet, soothing smell and one that just smells just ordinary. Air fresheners can improve the ambiance in your car and make your journey more comfortable.

Steering Wheel Cover

Your steering wheel can be made more attractive with a steering wheel cover. In addition, a steering wheel cover can make your Steering wheel easier to handle and maneuver as you drive your car.

Car Audio System

Not all cars come with a ready-made audio system. If your car doesn’t, you can upgrade it by installing a car audio system. A long ride can be boring without some music playing or you just listening to a live broadcast.

Car Speakers

If you’re a lover of loud music, you should consider getting car speakers installed in your car. With car speakers, you can simply create different tunes, volumes, and bass rates of the music in your car.

USB Charger

There will always be a need to charge your phone while driving once in a while. You can get a single or multiple USB charger to help you charge your phone and other accessories on the go.

Car Seat Organizer

With a car seat organizer, you don’t have to worry about where to fix up or keep all the things you will need in a road trip, especially if you are traveling with your family. A car seat organizer has spaces to hold a tablet, cups, snacks, and anything else you might need on a road trip.

Buying Guide For Car Accessories

There are a few things you need to know when buying your car interior accessories. Knowledge of these will ensure that you get the right kind of interior accessories you need;

Research Extensively

There are different kinds of interior accessories available in various auto shops. The same types of interior accessories can be made from different brands; you need to know which is authentic and which is fake. You also need to know which can last for a long time. Extensive research will make sure you don’t make a mistake when selecting a car accessory.

Compare Products

You can compare similar products when thinking of which car interior accessory to buy. Parameters like quality, functions, characteristics, etc are deciding factors you can use to settle for which accessory to buy.


After you have researched and narrowed it down to a list of options, the deciding factor could be the price. Similar car accessories from different brands could have different prices. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select the one with the best price for you. However, when considering the price, try not to sacrifice quality for a cheap price.

Search Out The Right Auto Shops

Once you have decided on the price and the kind of accessory you want, the next step is to buy. You can either buy online or buy by hand from an auto shop located in any part of Nigeria or where you stay. Ensure not to fall victim to buying from auto shops that are not credible or sell fake products. You can ask your mechanic or any knowledgeable colleague or neighbor to inquire about the auto shop you intend to buy your car accessory from.


Make use of this buying guide when shopping for car interior accessories to include in your car to make it more comfortable and valuable.

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