AC compressors are necessary for the AC to work. Without your car AC compressor, it’s difficult for your car AC to pump cool air. Due to the climate condition in Nigeria, most car owners neglect their car AC when it spoils. But, it can be a severe challenge during hot seasons when your car needs extra cooling. 

Four essential mechanical components comprise any air conditioner. They are;

  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve
  • Evaporator 

When any of these mechanical components of an AC is non-functional, it affects the operation of the AC. For the compressor, once it’s bad, your car AC will stop blowing cool air. But what is a car AC when it can’t generate cool air? 

Functions Of A Car AC Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve & Evaporator 

  1. It enables the cooling system within a car to function when it is working
  2. It increases the temperature and pressure of air before releasing it into the condenser coil 
  3. The pressured air sent into the condenser coil is cooled and passed into the expansion valve 
  4. The expansion valve is where the air that has passed through the compressor and condenser is further cooled into an excellent low-pressure liquid 
  5. The cool, low-pressure liquid is sent into the evaporator, which receives it and transmits it through the indoor unit of the air and expels it to circulate into the car. It is also through the evaporator that heat is absorbed and sent in again to begin the air conversion process. 

Types Of Car AC Compressors 

There are various types of car compressors, and the most common are;

  • Rotary piston compressor 
  • Scroll compressor 
  • Variable displacement compressor 

Rotary Piston Compressor

The rotary piston compressor uses a roller-like mechanism to compress and transfer refrigerant gas. It comes in the form of a roller that constantly rotates inside a cylinder that’s divided into compartments. As it rotates inside the cylinder, it builds up pressure and releases it through one compartment.

Scroll Compressor

A scroll compressor comprises two spiral disks—a stationary tall and a rotating short one. While air is processed and pressured in one, it is released through the tall stationary disc.

Variable Displacement Compressor

Another name for variable displacement compressors is reciprocating compressors. Air is compressed and transferred through a piston/cylinder-like mechanism. 

Prices Of Car AC Compressors In Nigeria 

Car AC Compressor Price
Car AC Compressor Price

An interesting thing about the Nigerian car parts market is that there are both new and Tokunbo versions for every car. For car AC compressors, you will find both the fairly used and new versions depending on your pocket size. 

Also, there are no static prices for AC compressors in Nigeria. Their prices differ depending on where you’re buying from. But, this is a buying guide you should use while pricing them in the market. 

Car ModelsAC Compressor Price List 
BMW AC Compressor 2006 model₦35,000
Kia Rio AC Compressor 2013 model₦24,000
Toyota Camry AC Compressor 2003 model₦22,500
Toyota Camry AC Compressor 2007 model₦27,500
Toyota Highlander AC Compressor 2003 model₦25,000
Toyota Corolla AC Compressor 2009 model₦30,000
Mercedes Benz C Class AC Compressor (Used)₦20,000
Superline Mini AC Compressor ₦12,500
Toyota Venza AC Compressor 2010 model₦35,000
Car AC Compressor Price Guide

Where To Buy Car AC Compressors In Nigeria 

There are several places where you can buy your car AC compressors in Nigeria. The Nigerian market has a variety of car repair product shops. 

Interestingly, there are online stores where you can purchase these products in your comfort. If you’re living in a busy and traffic-ridden city like Lagos, then online stores like is your best bet. They sell a variety of AC compressors, making it easy for buyers to skim through them at an affordable price and a reliable delivery service. 

What To Know When Buying AC Compressors In The Nigerian Market 

Where you buy your AC compressor determines how long it’ll last for you. Apart from this, other things to note include;

  • Have detailed information about your car before purchasing
  • Make sure you’re buying from a reliable source
  • Ensure you’re buying a quality product
  • Do the market survey with a reliable car mechanic if you’re not familiar with the process 
  • Have a price guide to guide you during the price negotiation 
  • Ensure your AC compressor is still functional 


Car AC compressors are essential for a functional AC and if you’re looking for reliable stores to purchase from,, is your trusted bet.

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