Can Civilians Use Armoured Vehicles?

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Armoured vehicles have been in high demand in recent times. The increase in insecurity and road dangers has necessitated the need for improved vehicles that can guarantee safety. Obviously, nobody wants to die. Armoured cars are designed and built to withstand impact from bullets, firearms and other projectiles.  They are made with bulletproof glass, armour plating coupled with other defensive features to protect the individuals inside.

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Can Civilians Use Armoured Vehicles?

The extra safety an armoured vehicle provides is something anyone who loves their lives would want to get. Initially, armoured vehicles used to be owned by only high-profile individuals such as heads of state, political figures, businesspersons, VIPs, and sometimes celebrities. However, nowadays, armoured vehicles have been made available to all. This means civilians can use armoured vehicles.

Generally, there are two main classes of armoured cars:

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  • Military-grade armored cars
  • Personal/Civilian armored cars for private individuals.
Why Politicians Buy Bulletproof Cars - Features Of Bulletproof Cars
Why Politicians Buy Bulletproof Cars – Features Of Bulletproof Cars

Civilians can only use personal armoured cars as the military guard has more enhanced protective features. In fact, these civilian armoured cars look distinctively different from military cars due to their design. Armoured cars for use by civilians tend to look like usual luxurious vehicles. In addition, you can choose to customize your vehicle according to your needs. Everyone who has security concerns and can afford one can choose to get an armoured vehicle.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Civilian Armoured Vehicle

If you are a civilian considering buying an armoured vehicle, it’s necessary that you know the features available or what to expect before finally putting down your money to get one. brings you two things you should be aware of;

  1. Civilian armoured vehicles have special interior and exterior equipment

The essence of an armoured vehicle is to provide an extra layer of protection for you and your loved ones. This protection goes beyond having a few airbags and the regular safety features in a vehicle. Depending on your wishes, almost all armoured vehicle manufacturing companies tend to input different forms of interior and exterior equipment on your vehicle. For example, you can install partitioning walls with sliding LED-screen for passenger cells, automatic fire extinguishing systems, special leather seats, sliding armoured sunroofs, etc.

Other advanced special interiors and exterior equipment used in armoured vehicles include a night vision display, road track dispensing system, reinforced bumpers, and a handy smokescreen to defend against attackers. Instead of using conventional tires, you can go with run-flat tires to add an additional level of security.

  1. Civilian armoured vehicles come in different models

There are different models of civilian armoured vehicles out there which you can consider buying. These include;

  • Armored Stretch Limousines: These models are based on Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars.
  • Sedans: These models are most often built around different Maybach, Audi 8, BMW S-series, and Mercedes S-class.
  • Civilian Armored SUVs: Civilian armored SUVs are created using the Aston Martin, Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, and BMW X7.
  • Armored Trucks: Different manufacturers produce different types of armor trucks. You could get a Ford Raptor Truck, Tesla Cyber-truck, Rezvani Tank, and Toyota Hilux, etc. armoured according to your taste.

List Of Armoured Cars For Civilians

Mercedes Benz S-guard

mercedes benz s-guard
Mercedes Benz s-guard

While this sedan looks like any typical luxury Mercedes Benz, it is made with highly durable and robust steel and state of the art ceramic composite materials. It comes enhanced with high-quality bullet-resistant glass and overlapping structures that ensure all protection from ballistics. Added protective features of the Mercedes Benz S-Guard includes

  • An emergency fresh air system keeps the passengers safe from smoke and tear gas.
  • Heat sensors detect fire and  are automatically triggered and extinguish the fire.
  • A fire suppression system.
  • run-flat tires that allow you to drive a car up to 80 km after puncturing

Range Rover Sentinel

Range Rover Sentinel Price, Specifications in Nigeria
Range Rover Sentinel Price, Spec, Armoured Glass, Interior

Amongst the ranks of SUVs, the Range Rover Sentinel from Land Rover offers one of the best levels of protection with its advanced armoured features. This vehicle is made of multi-laminated armoured privacy glass, a self-sealing fuel tank, super-high-strength steel, tamper-proof exhaust, and an auxiliary backup battery. It’s all four-wheel are run-flat that gives it an additional level of protection.

Audi A8 Security

Audi A8 Security
Audi A8 Security

Audi A8 Security is another classic vehicle specially made for civilians who want to add that upscale level of protection. This vehicle is certified by the German Ballistics Testing Center for VR 7 ballistic standards.  It can withstand multiple shots of pistols and other handguns.

Mercedes Benz G63 Amg

mercedes benz g63 amg armored
Mercedes Benz g63 AMG armoured

Mercedes Benz is often customized to give enhanced protective features. This luxury vehicle contains a black matte leather interior, bullet-resistant exterior, surveillance cameras, power battery, and automatic fire extinguishing system. Its floor can withstand any hand grenades and explosions as well. To further add to the security of civilians, the G63 AMG has advanced security features such as oxygen supply and fuel tank protection.


Armoured vehicles exist for all individuals, both high profile and normal civilians.

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