Deciding on a particular type of car to buy can be a sticky situation, especially when presented with many options. But when faced with limited options and a limited budget, and you are presented with only two options between a Toyota Camry and a Toyota Corolla, how do you convince yourself of the best one to buy? In this article, we have helped you to make your decision easier. Here, we have presented with the important details you need to know about both the Camry and the Corolla.

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2021 Toyota Camry
2021 Toyota Camry
Toyota Corolla 2015 price in Nigeria 2020
2015 Toyota Corolla

What is a Camry and a Corolla?

A Camry and Corolla are two different types of cars designed and created by Toyota. These two cars have some similarities but in the same way, have some distinct differences. In Nigeria, these two car brands are very popular on Nigerian roads and have been nicknamed by Nigerians because of their popularity. Some of the Toyota Camry’s nicknames are The pencil, Orobo, The muscle, Big for Nothing. While, some of the Toyota Corolla’s nicknames are: First lady, Bank type, etc.

Important features between a Camry and a Corolla

In no particular order, in no order of importance or significance, this section will present to you some important features to consider when deciding which car to buy between a Camry and a Corolla.

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Camry and Corolla Prices:

When working on a tight budget, the Corolla is a better option to pick between the two. A brand new Toyota Corolla is priced at about ₦18.5 million, depending on the brand. While a brand new Toyota Camry is priced at ₦20 million. But these prices are subject to the year the car was manufactured. But for used cars, the price range difference stands between the two cars. Check out this list, to find the best prices for used  Camry and Corolla cars.

Car Engine:

A Camry presents itself with a better car engine than a Corolla. The Camry has a better horsepower than a Corolla, when compared to the 132-horsepower of the Corolla. Another concern with the Corolla is the strength and time it exhausts when accelerating, but with a Camry, with its in-built four cylinders, it is ready to start and move at one turn.

Body safety:

If involved in an accident, the chances of experiencing car damages with a Camry are lower when compared to a Corolla. A Camry and a Corolla are both equipped to pass the safety test features, but with the car make and build a Camry is built to withstand body damages depending on the level of the hit.

Trunk space:

 On this feature also, the Camry beats out the Corolla as the Camry offers 14.1 cubic feet of trunk space, while the Corolla offers 13 cubic feet trunk space. The difference in space is not far from the other, but sometimes being able to fit in extra hand luggage really goes a long way into making a choice. Again, there are different models of these cars, but the Camry overpowers the Corolla regardless.

Fuel Consumption & Economy:

The Camry gives its owners a 26 mpg on a 6-cylinder engine. A 4-cylinder engine gives a 34 mpg. A Corolla gives a 32 mpg, and unless you want to spend money on fuel, it is better to go with a Toyota Corolla.

Interior design:

Corolla and camry interior
Corolla and camry interior

For comfortability and perceived elegance, the Camry is a better choice apart from its exterior design. The Camry allows its riders to experience comfortability by providing more space for them to stretch their legs. This can be attributed to the make and way the two cars are designed. While a Camry is a midsize car, for individuals and smaller families, a Corolla is better suited for an individual with its compact design.

Exterior design:

2017 Toyota Camry vs 2017 Toyota Corolla
2017 Toyota Camry vs 2017 Toyota Corolla

A Camry is considered more attractive because of the modern look it has. The finely shaped edges of the car give it a more daring, modern, and youthful look, features that the Corolla does not possess. But, because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the Corolla may look very appealing to an intending buyer than a Camry. Don’t close your eyes to the options.

With the seven features presented to you, to make a healthy choice between buying a Camry or a Corolla, it is safe to say that the Camry is better than the Corolla in some secondary features. But the two primary features; Price and fuel economy, the Corolla wins over the Camry. The features you want to consider when trying to decide solely rests on you, and I hope this list helps a lot. If you are looking at the best used Camry or Corolla car to buy, check here at Car Mart Ng

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