In California, drivers will now be able to trick out their license plates with the help of digital license numbers. This new technology, which was piloted in the state in 2018, was made available to all 27 million drivers after Assembly Bill 984 was passed on Oct. 5. The plates will replace the traditional metal ones.

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According to the bill’s co-author, Assemblymember Lori Wilson, the new technology provides drivers with a convenient and personalized license plate. Only two states in the US allow the use of digital plates on personal vehicles. Texas also offers this type of plate for commercial vehicles.

According to Bernard Soriano, the deputy director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the new technology will make the process of registering a vehicle more efficient. It will allow drivers to renew their licenses without going to a branch of the agency. The plates are available in two different models: wired and battery-powered.

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Unlike the traditional metal plates, which require drivers to pay for their license registration in advance, the new plates come with a monthly or yearly payment option. For battery-powered plates, the monthly fee is only $17.95, while for a four-year contract, the cost is $215.40 annually. Drivers are only limited to one purchasing option when it comes to digital plates.

The company that makes and distributes the plates, Reviver, provides drivers with the option to self-install them or hire a professional to install them. Aside from being aesthetically attractive, supporters of the plates also noted that they have various safety features.

The new digital plates will allow drivers to display various emergency messages, such as if their vehicle has been stolen. They will also have built-in tracking capabilities that can help locate stolen cars. According to Wilson, drivers with privacy concerns can opt out of the feature. According to Boston, California residents are known to be early adopters of new technologies.

We’re always looking for new ways to automate and integrate our lives, which can help us stay connected and more efficient. Our cars are no exception.

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