Finding the best time to pick up a bargain isn’t as easy as it sounds. This article will help you make an informed decision to buy your favourite vehicle at the right time. Check out our answer on when is the best time to buy a car in Nigeria. Everyone wants to save money when making big purchases. Houses, furniture, clothes and, of course, cars. But finding the best time to pick up a bargain isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

You might think that this is inexpensive to launch a product (so the company can make a sale), but it can actually be expensive to add value. You may also think that buying a car in Nigeria around Christmas is cheap, but sellers feel they need the car for the celebration and may push prices beyond their budget. 

There is also a popular belief that the price of a particular model will drop when a new version is released the following year. But it doesn’t always work that way in the Nigerian auto industry. Automobiles are imported goods and require huge costs for customs clearance, but Nigerian-made cars are expensive due to high production costs. But does that mean it’s not a good time to buy a car at a pretty good price? To save your budget here is a carefully researched breakdown of the best time to buy a car in Nigeria. 

New Year’s Eve – After Christmas

Christmas is literally the biggest celebration of the year. A car salesman is always trying to make a lot of money as he is from December until Christmas. Once the celebration is over, they order a new set of wagons to sell next year. At this point, people just want to sell my old stock, so the price may go down. This also applies to the New Year.

It is a common belief that people go ‘bankrupt’ after Christmas. So if you want to buy a car in Nigeria at this time, you don’t have much money left. Most sellers are rushing to sell old inventory, so you might find a bargain around New Year’s. For this reason, cars tend to be auctioned at this time of year. You can also shop at the bottom price.

With the latest model coming out

This is especially true for those interested in luxury cars. The fact that you’re looking for something flashy doesn’t mean you have to throw all your money away while you have it. Usually, when a new model of your dream car comes out, the price of the older model drops. increase. Keep your ears open so you can use this information as a bargaining chip with your dealer. Note that most car manufacturers release new versions in the summer (May–September Nigeria time).

Early Times of the Week

Nigerian businessmen believe that customers who come to shop early in the week should not be let go. The rest of the week is considered a bad omen. This may sound strange, but take advantage of it. You won’t get a car for half the price, but you will definitely get a significant discount. So Monday is perfect. 

When car design and technology become obsolete

Many automakers are constantly automating their vehicles and modernising their engines. As a result, newer models will be priced higher, while older versions will be priced lower. For example, since the Mercedes-Benz 4matic became popular on Nigerian roads, all other previous Benz brands have fallen in price. You can benefit from this if you want to buy a car in Nigeria. Dealers will likely try to fill showroom space, leading to large sales of older models.


Finally, auctions are a great opportunity to buy a car. During car embargoes, Nigerian customs tend to confiscate smuggled cars and put them up for auction at very affordable prices. If you’re careful, you can get his favourite SUVs and sedans for the lowest prices imaginable. If there are insiders, they will provide more information. However, you can also watch the retailers closest to you launch new products. Visit them around the time the old stock is about to sell out and make a purchase. You’ll definitely get it at a good discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are used cars good to buy in Nigeria?

Yes, the majority of them are. Prior to purchasing, it is crucial that they are in good general shape and suit your lifestyle. It is suggested that the vehicle undergo a mechanical inspection. Used automobiles are an affordable and reliable option for individuals who wish to stay within their budget.

Should I buy a car without test driving?

Test driving is mostly important if you are buying a tokunbo car, to check if you’re in any problems wrong with it before buying. That is why test driving is very important. But if you are buying a new car, you may forgo this process. 

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