Bulletproof cars are not only available abroad, they are also available in Nigeria. In fact, Nigeria has companies specialized in the manufacture of armoured vehicles. The rate of insecurity in  Nigeria is causing fear and alarm, hence as people set up burglaries in their houses to protect themselves, so also are people seeking ways to protect themselves on the road by making their cars bulletproof.

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What Is A Bulletproof Car?

Bulletproof Mercedes G-6 in Nigeria
Bulletproof Mercedes G-6 in Nigeria

Bulletproof cars are armoured cars designed and built to withstand impact from bullets from firearms and other projectiles.  They are made with bulletproof glass, armour plating coupled with other defensive features to protect the individuals inside. In most instances, bulletproof cars are used by high-profile individuals such as heads of state, political figures, businesspersons, VIPs, and sometimes celebrities. However, nowadays, many common civilians are choosing bulletproof cars over ordinary cars.

In Nigeria, there are generally two main classes of armoured/bulletproof cars:

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  • Military-grade armored cars
  • Personal armored cars for private individuals.

Personal armoured cars are for individuals who just seek to give themselves extra protection. Personal armoured cars are designed to be inconspicuous and not too far-fetched from the factory version.

Used Bulletproof Cars In  Nigeria For Sale

Bulletproof Mercedes G-6₦140,000,000
Bulletproof Lexus LX570₦90, 000, 000
Bulletproof Toyota Hilux₦17, 500, 000
Bulletproof Mercedes Benz G53₦18, 5000, 000
Bulletproof Honda Accord₦12, 000, 000
Bulletproof Volkswagen Jetta₦7,500,  000
Bulletproof Mercedes Benz S Class₦50, 000 000
Bulletproof Range Rover₦90,500,000
Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz GL450₦60,000,000
Bulletproof Toyota Landcruiser₦130,000, 000
Bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria
Bulletproof Lexus LX570 in Nigeria

Brand New Bulletproof Cars For Sale In Nigeria

Bulletproof 2021 Cadillac Escalade₦170, 000,000 – ₦230,000,000
Bulletproof 2018 Range Rover₦100, 000,000 – ₦120,000,000
Bulletproof Mercedes Benz GLC 43₦110, 000,000 – ₦140,000,000
Bulletproof Audi RS7₦135, 000,000 – ₦170,000,000
Bulletproof Toyota Camry₦80, 000,000 – ₦100,000,000
Bulletproof BMW X6₦120, 000,000 – ₦150,000,000
Bulletproof Volvo XC 90₦160, 000,000 – ₦180,000,000
Bulletproof 2016 Porsche Panamera GTS₦140, 000,000- ₦185,000,000
Bulletproof BMW X5₦125, 000,000 – ₦135,000,000
Bulletproof Audi A8₦130, 000, 000 – ₦160, 000,000

Where To Buy Bulletproof Cars In Nigeria

Armormax Nigeria

Armormax is not only involved in the sale of bulletproof cars. They are also involved in the manufacture of fully armoured vehicles. They offer the B6 armouring category which guarantees protection against different types of guns except for high powered ballistic armour-piercing weapons like RPGs.

Contact Information

  • Address: – Plot 795, Cadastral Zone C16, ldu Industrial Estate, Federal Capital Territory. Abuja
  • Telephone : – +234-703-473-2038
  • Email: – [email protected]

Proforce Limited

Proforce Limited is another great place to buy your bulletproof cars in Nigeria. You can also get your car customized to become bulletproof at Proforce Limited. The company also specializes in building specially customized armoury vehicles for the Nigerian Armed Forces. even the UN for its military operations

Contact Information

  • Address: – 54, Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone : – +2348023890712​
  • Email: –  [email protected]

Inkas Trans Limited

You can buy your bulletproof car with Inkas Trans Limited at good prices. If you want it customised to your taste, they can also help you customise it. However, your car will move to Canada to get the job, as Inkas Trans Limited is a joint venture effort between a Nigerian company Sapid Holdings of Nigeria and the Canadian armouring company.

Contact Information

  • Address: – Plot 22 Elsie Femi Pearse, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone : – + 234 703 102 5657
  • Email: –  [email protected]

You can also get your armoured cars on online car shops;


Bulletproof cars, though not yet popular in Nigeria, are becoming an interest to many as insecurity rises. If you have the money to spare, it definitely won’t be a waste of money to get yourself a bulletproof car.

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