Black celebrities are amongst the top earners in the world. These celebrities have through hard work, diligence and skill, risen through the ranks to be very successful and sought-after in their career. Spending big is a characteristic of many celebrities, blacks inclusive.

They live in the most luxurious houses, drive expensive cars, wear customized clothes and jewellery etc. Are you curious about which black celebrities drive the world’s expensive cars? If you are, then we’ve got answers for you in this article. Check out the list of black celebrities who drive the world’s most expensive cars:


jay z rolls royce phantom
jay z rolls royce phantom

Born on 4 December 1969, Shawn Corey Carter is widely known as Jay Z, is a highly influential music artist. Jay Z remains a leading bossman in the world of rap music. Married to a pop star like himself, Beyonce Knowles, Jay Z reputation and skillfulness as a rapper cannot be hidden. Over the years of his career, he has produced 75 million singles worldwide, 45million albums and has won many awards, including The Grammy, which he has won 22 times. He has a staggering net worth estimated at $1 billion. A man of such net worth can surely afford one of the world’s most expensive cars. He is the lofty owner of the Maybach Exelero worth about $8 million (approx. 4 billion NGN). The bespoke vehicle has a 700 HP V12 twin turbo engine which allows it to go 60mph in 4.4 seconds. Top 10 Most expensive cars sitting in Jay-Z & Beyonce’s Garage


Talented and skilful, Samuel Eto’o is a Cameroonian who is a professional footballer. He hasn’t only played in African football teams, he has also pursued a football career in international football teams. He has played in Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea where he had over 200 career goals to his name. Notable amongst the awards won by this African footballer is the African Player of the year award which he won for four years. With a net worth estimated at about $95 Million, Samuel Eto’o is one of the few black celebrities with the world’s most expensive cars. He owns an Aston Martin One-77 which he reportedly paid $1.6 million (approx. 912 million NGN) to acquire.


All You Know About Kanye West Net Worth, Cars, Wife And Houses
Kanye West Net Worth, Cars, Wife, And Houses 

Kanye West is another top black-American music rap star. He once attempted to become president of America, but he failed. Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia. To pursue his passion for music, Kanye West dropped out of college after winning a scholarship to study at Chicago’s American Academy of Art. His first hit album was titled ‘College Dropout’. The College Dropout peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart, and West received 10 Grammy nominations, winning three awards including Best Rap Song for “Jesus Walks” and Best Rap Album. Kanye West has produced various albums after this and has numerous awards under his belt.  His net worth is estimated at $1.8 billion. Little wonder, he is amongst the list of black celebrities with the world’s most expensive cars. He owns a Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss worth $1.1 million (550 million NGN). He was spotted taking the car for a spin at the Cannes Film Festival. Jay-Z Vs Kanye West: Whose Car Collection Is Worth Much More?

Rick Ross

Talk about the best, successful rappers in the music industry, and you find the name Rick Ross amongst the top lists. Rick Ross songs have topped the music charts, and he has featured in various songs with some of the top guns in the music industry. It’s almost a culture amongst celebrities to drive luxurious, elegant cars and live in fancy houses. From his car collections, as you will see in this article, it is obvious Rick Ross loves classic cars. Are you curious to know about his car collection? Then keep reading>> Rick Ross Houses And Cars: How Rich Is Rick Ross?


Drake is an award-winning black American hip-hop rapper, actor, and movie producer. Born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Drake has dual citizenship in the United States and Canada. With over 170 million records sold, Drake is amongst the list of world’s most successful music rappers. He has won four Grammy Awards, six American Music Awards, a record of 29 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, and three Juno Awards, and holds several Billboard Hot 100 chart records etc. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated at $180 million. Drake owns and drives a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir worth $2.2 million (approx. 1.3 billion NGN). The car depicts speed, high-performance, and first-class luxury- exactly the kind of car Drake would like. Drake Houses And Cars- How Rich Is Drake



Top-ranking Black-American boxer,  Floyd Mayweather, is one of the black celebrities that is highly paid and successful. He once owned and drove a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita made by the ultra-modern manufacturer  Koenigsegg. With only two units of this car made, this vehicle must be a luxury to own! It is said that Floyd Mayweather bought this CCXR Trevita for $4.6 Million (approx. 2.62 billion NGN)


The 33-year old Barbados singer, Rihanna is one of the richest and most influential Black-American celebrities. She is a music artist, a producer, a philanthropist, an actress, an ambassador and also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of the well-known beauty and make-up line named Fenty Beauty. Her huge success and impact in the music industry are evident from the numerous awards and accolades she has bagged such as nine Grammy Awards, 13 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and six Guinness World Records. Times named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2018. She is a grand owner of one of the world’s most expensive cars which are the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren worth $3 million (approx 1.7 billion NGN). This vehicle is one of the limited-edition models produced by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren car manufacturers. >> Rihanna Houses And Cars- How Rich Is Rihanna


Black celebrities are indeed talented, and they earn good money for their undeniable talent and creativity. Little wonder, they are wealthy enough to own some of the world’s most expensive cars. 

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