Between President Buhari’s Official Car And Joe Biden’s Official Car: Which Is Better?


Being a president in any country means that the best amongst the best is reserved for only you. It has to do with everything the president uses—clothing, housing, and cars. When it comes to the cars the presidents use, they are usually carefully selected cars with heavy security.

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President Buhari & President Biden's
President Buhari & President Biden’s

The President of Nigeria, President Buhari, uses one of the most expensive cars in Nigeria. This also applies to the American president, Joe Biden, who uses not just one of the most expensive cars, but also one of the most highly secured cars referred to as “the beast.”

In this article, we draw a comparison between President Biden’s car and President Buhari’s car. Which one do you think is more beautiful? Keep reading to know more.

President Buhari’s Official Car

Check Out President Buhari And His Armoured Official State Cars
Check Out President Buhari And His Armoured Official State Cars

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, uses a customized version of the Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650. The car was bought when the president entered the office, costing 360 million Naira. Below are some of the features you’ll find inside this presidential ride:

  • It’s a customized Mercedes-Maybach S650
  • The car has heated front and rear seats and enough room to accommodate five adults comfortably
  • The car has a mile per gallon rating of 25 mpg on the highway and 15 mpg in the city
  • The car revs at 5,000 per minute, with an incredible horsepower of 510 HP
  • The car engine is a 5.5-litre 12-cylinder turbocharged engine, one of the best Benz engines
  • It comes with a keyless entry, rear parking aid, rearview camera, navigation system, heated seats, Wi-Fi, and many more
  • It’s a faster car compared to the Mercedes Benz S350 President Goodluck Jonathan had
  • It can go from 0-70mph in 5 seconds and at a speed of 230 kilometres per hour
  • The car is heavily armoured and bulletproofed with anti-puncture inflated tire and ballistic steel plating to ensure the President’s safety.

President Biden’s Official Car

President Biden's official car
President Biden’s official car
  • It’s a customized Cadillac worth £1.2 million.
  • The car comes with the highest grade of defensive and offensive security features.
  • It comes equipped with an armoured exterior, layered armoured windows, a top-spec communication system and Kevlar-reinforced tyres.
  • It’s equipped with an external listening device that allows passengers inside the vehicle to listen to unaware outdoor conservations without having to lower a window or open a door.
  • The  car has ballistic car windows, and electric shock door handles
  • It has smoke screen dispensers
  • The Cadillac is equipped with run-flat wheels that continue to operate even when the car is on flat tires; it costs $2,500
  • The car has a foam-filled armoured tank to prevent explosions and fire in the case of a crash.
  • The car can lay down an oil slick to prevent other vehicles from chasing it.

President Buhari’s Car Vs President Joe Biden’s Car Cost & Customization Cost

When it comes to the cost of these cars, that of the President of Nigeria cost 360 million Naira at the time it was bought. The car cost this much because it also included the fee for customization to fit the high-tech features required for a presidential vehicle.

For President Joe Biden, on the other hand, the car costs £1.2 million, and for customization, the complete customization of this vehicle costs $70,000.

Which Is Better & More Beautiful?

President Buhari & President Biden
President Buhari & President Biden

Mercedes and Cadillac automobiles are among the top automakers in the world. While both cars are heavily equipped, the better one depends on the quality of extra features attached to the car.

Judging by this, President Joe Biden’s car is highly secured and equipped with high0tech features compared to President Buhari’s. Yet, the security level of Buhari’s car is unmatched in Nigeria.

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A content writer with experience across various niches, and one of them includes interest in writing about cars.

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