Best Way To Become A Car Influencer – Make Money Talking About Cars

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Have you ever bought anything just because a celebrity you admire so much was in the advertisement? I have and I’m sure a good number of people have fallen victim to this. Our decision to purchase that item was fueled by the influence of that celebrity and that celebrity gets paid because you bought that item. The automobile industry is vast and people will pretty much forever drive cars. So, like your favourite celebrity, you can make quite a lot of money as a car influencer, Ola of Lagos in Nigeria is a good example, he was a cleaner in Ikoyi, Lagos, Ikoyi is a small town for the rich, he started spotting cars with a loud voice, Its Plenty, its plenty, after Tunde Ednut posted him, Ola grew from 40k followers to over 941K, Ola has travelled around the world spotting luxury cars, he is considered to be the most follower car influencer/spotter in Africa, he charges 500k naira to 1million for a post on his page, so let’s talk about Ways To Become A Car Influencer, starts Making Money Talking About Cars

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Open Any Social Media Account

Car Influencer Social Media Account
Car Influencer Social Media Account

The best way to become a car influencer is on social media, obviously. First off, you have to open a social media account and I recommend you use either or all of these social media apps: Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok YouTube and Facebook. 

Gain Followers

how to gain Gain Followers as car influencer
how to gain Gain Followers as car influencer

I think this is the hardest part of the journey to becoming an influencer generally. Followers don’t come overnight. You have to work really hard to gain followers. Basically, the content on your social media page determines how many followers you will get. So you have to get really creative about the content you post. Make sure your contents are things your audience wants to see, things they are interested in. Before that, understand that different audiences (followers) are interested in different content. For example, in wealthy countries like America and the UK, people interested in cars there may like expensive and luxurious cars like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, etc. However, in developing countries like Nigeria, your audience may not really fancy owning a Ferrari because the economy wouldn’t let them. They will prefer cars like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and the likes. So create your content around those.

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Create Content

best Content as car influencer
best Content as car influencer

When it comes to creating content, don’t go around copying content from other influencers because what worked for someone in Dubai may not work for someone in Estonia. So, you know who your audience is, now you have to create content that will not only educate them about cars but also entertain them. After all, many of us use social media for entertainment first before education. Your content has to be entertaining enough to attract the attention of your audience as they scroll through social media. Then it has to be educational/informative enough to keep their attention.

How Do You Create Content?

Create Content as car influencer
Create Content as car influencer

You create content for cars primarily by making videos and taking pictures. It’s a car, people want to actually see it. The truth is that you may not have most of these cars you want to talk about, so what do you do? You visit showrooms and ask for a collaboration. You could pay a small fee at first as you start out. But gradually, as you gain followers, the showroom will be the one paying you for the collaboration. Think of that initial fee as the price for success.

Furthermore, make sure you post as frequently as possible. Especially when you start out, post daily, maybe 3 times daily so that you drive traffic to your page. If you are not consistent, you would not gain a lot of followers and the game of influencing has a lot to do with numbers. When you stop posting consistently, your followership declines. Yes, people may actually unfollow you if you have nothing to interest them.

Learn From Others

Learn From Others - Ola of lagos or Supercar blondie
Learn From Others – Ola of lagos or Supercar blondie

Learn but don’t copy others. Learn from those who have massive followers and now collaborate with automobile companies directly and not showrooms. Find out how they arrived where they are now and follow their footsteps. 

Remember, a truckload of patience is needed as you have a long way to go. However, consistency and hard work will eventually pay off as you too will start making cool cash as an automobile influencer. 

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