Data obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that Nigeria spent a whooping sum of N1.08 trillion to import used cars (popularly called Tokunbo) and motorcycles (Okada) in one year (October 2018 – September 2019) Nigeria remains a large import-dependent country, as the nation’s import bill between October 2018 and September 2019 rose to N15.19 trillion while the country’s export for the same period stood at N18.87 trillion. This implies that the country’s trade balance summed up to be N3.68 trillion.

Let’s discuss best-selling cars and most cars in you see in every street on Nigeria

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 2015 price in Nigeria 2020

Toyota Corolla not just besting selling cars in Nigeria also one of the most popular brands you will find in every corner of your street the Corolla still retains its outstanding quality, reliability, and availability. Corolla was the best-selling car worldwide by 1974 and has been one of the best-selling cars in the world since then. In 1997, the Corolla became the best-selling nameplate in the world, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle. Toyota reached a milestone of 44 million Corollas sold over twelve generations in 2016. The series has undergone several major redesigns.

Toyota Camry

2021 Toyota Camry First Look Everything you need to know

Toyota Camry is an automobile sold internationally by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota since 1982, spanning multiple generations. Originally compact in size (narrow-body), later Camry models have grown to fit the mid-size classification (wide-body) — although the two sizes co-existed in the 1990s. Since the release of the wide-bodied versions, Camry has been extolled by Toyota as the firm’s second “world car” after the Corolla. In Japan, Camry is exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store retail dealerships.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Prices in Nigeria 2019

Looking for a Family car? Toyota Sienna has always been the best car well equipped with a strong engine and an all-wheel drive for the family with seven people sitters. It is named for the Italian city of Siena, in the region of Tuscany. It replaced the first-generation Previa van in 1997 with a more conventional front-wheel-drive layout and shares a heavily revised platform with the Camry. Both the Previa and original Sienna were smaller than the other minivans they competed against, but a redesign in 2003 (for the 2004 model year) increased the dimensions to match those of its competitors.

Honda Accord (End of discussion )

2021 Honda Accord, Pricing, Release Date & pictures

Not only was this model very popular in Nigeria, but it was also projected as a symbol of status. The car came with the engine IV-Tec, which was considered a cutting-edge technology as of that time. This model got the name ‘End of discussion’ from the catchphrase the automaker made use of during the model’s advert.

Lexus ES300

 Lexus ES 300

Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Toyota. The Lexus brand is marketed in more than 70 countries and territories worldwide and has become Japan’s largest-selling make of premium cars. It has ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in market value.

Mercedes Benz ML550

Mercedes Benz ML550

4Matic is the marketing name of an AWD four-wheel drive system developed by Mercedes-Benz. It is designed to increase traction in slippery conditions. The first generation 4Matic system was originally a complex electronically controlled system with automatically engaging four-wheel drive (4WD), the system employing locking central and rear differentials to provide additional traction in slippery conditions.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner

Despite its age, the old-school Toyota 4Runner SUV keeps truckin’ along. Its sales were down only a modest 9 percent through the first half of 2020, meaning it beat out a lot of other top-selling models that experience more significant declines.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima

The Altima sold more units than the Honda Accord in the first quarter, but a weak second quarter saw it drop further down the chart. Nissan’s mid-size sedan is down 37 percent through the first half of the year.

Toyota Highlander

2021 Toyota Highlander Prices, Release date and Pictures

A new 2020 Highlander is now on sale, but sales still dropped 29 percent through the first six months of 2020.

Range Rover

2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Revealed With New Features


With its floating roofline, continuous waistline and lower accent graphics, we haven’t set out to change Range Rover. We’ve simply made it better with a host of innovative features such as Pixel-laser LED headlights which give it even greater presence.


A truly first-class travel experience. Range Rover’s sublime and beautifully appointed interior features executive four seat comfort with five-seat versatility. Rear seats now have increased recline and deeper cushioning for greater comfort.


From the steering wheel’s hidden-until-lit, touch-sensitive switches to Touch Pro Duo’s beautifully integrated 10” Touchscreens, Range Rover contains a selection of technologies designed to deliver a refined, connected drive.

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