The logistics business is the heart of modern-day business. This is because they are a crucial part of the supply chain management responsible for ensuring goods and services from companies get to their final consumers. As a business grows and expands, there comes a time when logistics are needed. In simple terms, Logistics refers to the overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their final destination.

The list of transport companies in Nigeria is almost endless. There are those who run it as a side hustle and there are companies whose sole responsibility is to handle the logistics needs of major companies in Nigeria. We understand that getting a reputable Logistics company can be a herculean task. It will be very painful to fall into the hands of inexperienced logistics companies to handle the delivery of your goods or services to your customers. This is why carmart Nigeria put together this article for you. In no particular order, here are the top 10 Logistics companies in Nigeria and where to find them:

GIG Logistics

God Is Good logistics
God Is Good at logistics

GIG Logistics with the GIG standing for God Is Good comes highly recommended to handle your logistics needs in every part of Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of GIG Motors. Besides Nigeria, GIG Logistics undertakes transport and delivery to Ghana as well as the United States of America. Founded in 2012, GIG Logistics is known for offering affordable, convenient and excellent logistics services for their clients.

Basic services that GIG logistics render include:

  • Express delivery services;
  • Pickup & delivery services;
  • Relocation and household moving services;
  • Mailroom services;
  • Sensitive cum fragile tech freight; etc.
  • CONTACT DETAILS OF GIG LOGISTICS: Location: Lekki Phase 1, No. 1 Wole Ariyo Street, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Telephone number: 08091899444, 08091899222 and 08091899333.
  • Email: [email protected].

Courier Plus Services Limited

Courier Plus Services Limited
Courier Plus Services Limited

Courier Plus Services is another experienced logistics company located in Lagos. The company has a well-structured means of operation with qualified professionals to handle your logistics needs. They also provide haulage services. This top logistics industry in Nigeria has over 60 offices in different parts and regions of Nigeria. They offer an extensive range of logistic support and express courier services to different types of customers.

  • CONTACT ADDRESS OF COURIER PLUS SERVICES: Location: 1A, Olabode Street, Off Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport Rd., Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Telephone: +234-01 712 0248

DHL – Dalsey Hillblom Lynn

DHL - Dalsey Hillblom Lynn
DHL – Dalsey Hillblom Lynn

DHL is highly recognized in Nigeria and other parts of Nigeria as a leading company for logistics handling services.. It is recorded that DHL delivers about 1 billion parcels each year. The company operates in about 220 countries with over 380,000 personnel on board. With DHL, you can increase the reach of your products and services beyond Nigeria as they also offer logistics services to other parts of the world. . You can put your mind at rest and know for certain that your products will get to their final destination in good condition and at the stipulated time.

  • CONTACT ADDRESS FOR DHL: Nigeria’s head office is located at Isolo expressway new airport Road junction Isolo, Lagos.

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FedEx – Federal Express Corporation

FedEx - Federal Express Corporation
FedEx – Federal Express Corporation

A world-class logistics company, FedEx has gained both local and international recognition, operating in about 220 countries, Nigeria inclusive. FedEx logistics company believes that a well-connected world is indeed a better world, and indeed this belief has guided all of their operations as they help connect companies to their clients in any part of the world.

Founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, FedEx has its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. Other than delivery services, FedEx also has these products; express mail, freight, forwarding, third-party logistics, etc.

In Nigeria, FedEx has outlets in cities like Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, port Harcourt, and Aba.

CONTACT ADDRESS FOR FedEx: FedEx’s head office in Nigeria is located at 70, Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road, Lagos.

ABC Cargo Express

ABC Cargo Express
ABC Cargo Express

ABC Cargo Express, a subsidiary of ABC Motors offers reliable and top-notch logistics services. ABC Cargo Express Services includes consolidated cargo delivery, Home delivery, Direct cargo delivery to West Africa, and Charter services.

  • CONTACT ADDRESS OF ABC CARGO EXPRESS: Special Cargo Centre, 52C, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi, Lagos State.
  • Phone numbers: 0814 255 2445 or 080-63261919
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]

Confidence Cargo Limited

Confidence Cargo Limited
Confidence Cargo Limited

Confidence Cargo Limited represents another respectable brand in Nigeria for logistics services. Confidence Cargo Limited Services include air freight, Packaging & storage, Railway Logistics, Road transportation, Sea freight, and Warehousing.

  • CONTACT ADDRESS FOR CONFIDENCE CARGO LIMITED: 7, Adeola Ajayi crescent, Aviation Estate, Mafoluku junction B/stop off Muritala Muhammed Int’l Airport Rd, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Phone numbers: +234 8181947436 or +234 7091047176
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

United Parcel Services (UPS)

United Parcel Services (UPS)
United Parcel Services (UPS)

United Parcel Services have been in existence since 1907 when it was founded in the United States of America. It was in 1994 that the booming logistics firm found its way into Nigeria.

UPS offers indelible services in the delivery of goods and services. It has functional operating sites in over 200 countries. The head office in Nigeria is in Lagos. The company also has operating outlets in other major states in Nigeria.

CONTACT ADDRESS FOR UNITED PARCEL SERVICES: Plot 14, Oworonshoki Expressway, Gbagada Industrial Estate, Lagos.

Important Shipping Tips

Businesses involved in shipping goods from their producers to final consumers are often on the lookout for shipping options with fewer costs and fast delivery. This is often because this is what customers actually want. Take advantage of these shipping tips if you are often involved in shipping goods from one place to another:

Understanding the shipping costs

The cost of shipping is often determined by how fast you want your goods delivered; the weight and dimension of your goods and your final destination for delivery.

Choose the right packaging size

The right packaging size will ensure that your products get to your desired destination in good shape. Don’t try to save money by choosing packaging that doesn’t suit the product you are shipping. A good rule of thumb for packaging size is to choose a box that has two inches of cushioning room.

Ensure to input the right destination address

A common error when it comes to shipping is sending it to the wrong customer. This creates a lengthy process of delivery; and might make you lose your customer. Pay attention that the right address is reflected in the bill/invoice reflected on the packaging.

Always track your shipping supplies

If you don’t track your shipping supplies, you might unnecessarily delay a customer who is expecting the delivery of his/her product. When you track your shipping supplies, you can create reorder points to keep more supplies coming in as you need them.

Pay attention to customer reviews

Customer reviews about your products and services as well as the shipping carriers you want to employ can be a good pointer to let you make the right decision and also make the necessary improvements on your product delivery and services.

Automate your shipping

Preparing a product for shipping can be a demanding job. So, if your business is large enough and you often receive numerous orders, you should automate your shipping; at least the manual parts involved to save time. You can also create customized invoices and packing slips to make your packaging and products look more professional.

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