Best Car to Buy in Nigeria [ Easy Maintenance and Low Fuel Consumption ]

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Best car to buy in Nigeria – If circumstances make you ponder over the best car to buy in Nigeria, here is a chance to shame it. At 21, I was obsessed with owning a car and thus, worried about the best car to buy in Nigeria. Today, I’m glad I didn’t die of obsession, but I’m excessively grateful for the experience! You must be wondering how, right or wrong? Well, I don’t read minds, but I sense thoughts. which is Nigeria’s biggest car selling and buying platform brings you a complete review of the type of car to buy in Nigeria if you are looking to minimize fuel and pay low in maintenance.

This being the case, however, buying a car in Nigeria isn’t at all the problem! The problem is the presence of the question: ‘What is the best car to buy in Nigeria?’ This problem is what I intend to fix with this article though. At least, you’ll find out that dreaming of a Bentley or Lambo is absurd. I will suggest cars that will bravely face a typical Nigerian road no matter the corner to steer into. Also, these cars will so much please you with their level of fuel consumption and easy maintenance. Don’t linger behind so that you’ll know the best car to buy in Nigeria for yourself or your loved one. No logic meant it’s all about the fact.

What Sort of Cars Does Nigerians Really Have in Mind?

If you ask a typical Nigerian for the best car to buy in Nigeria, you won’t like the responses. In fact, their response will discourage you from ever planning to buy a car in Nigeria. For instance, when my obsession was high, I asked around for the best car to buy in Nigeria, guess what? They advised me to get cars like Peugeot 504 or better still, opt for 90s Honda! Phew! They are too old!

Would you blame their suggestions? The suggested cars may be economic in fuel consumption coupled with easy maintenance, but very old (outdated). I know quite well that you wouldn’t love to buy or acquire any old model car with your money. This is the reason I went extra-deep, as a car dealer, to pick out the best car to buy in Nigeria.

Best Car to Buy in Nigeria and Enjoy Low Fuel Consumption and Easy Maintenance

As promised, once you’re done with this section, you’ll no longer worry about the best car to buy in Nigeria. The cars I have on this list have been tested and trusted. To further add to this, I have been to showrooms and the car stands to make my suggestions concrete. The questions I asked and answered in the course of this finding are:

  • How easy it is to maintain the car.
  • Low fuel consumption support.
  • The pocket-friendliness of the car.
  • Durability
  • Ability to drive and last on Nigerian roads etc.

These were very easy for me to do due to my insight knowledge on the best car to buy in Nigeria. Also aiding me was my car dealing intelligence, especially on Nigerian cars. We should now proceed on to highlighting the best car to buy in Nigeria in the order of their importance.

Honda CR-V

2020 honda cr-v
2020 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a specifically reliable and unique car to own in Nigeria. I see this car as an all-weather Nigerian type of car. In fact, I’m convinced that this car is produced primarily for the environment and the financial standards of Nigeria. If you plan on getting a solid ride, consider Honda CR-V, a mini-cruiser that offers an SUV experience. How about its maintenance condition, is it at all favourable? Trust me, it is. My elderly uncle owns it as one of his lovely rides. Surprisingly, he tends to be most interested in this car! Could it be that it’s beautiful or that it is fast? Can you guess? Oh well, you might not guess well enough. The reason, according to him, is that the economy level of the car is top-notch. Little wonder why he prefers to roll around most often with it. I also enquired from the car stand and they so well confirmed this.

Toyota Camry (The Princess Nigerian Vehicle)

Toyota Camry (Izmocars)

This car model is already a household name in Nigeria. Do you ever wonder why this is so? Before I proceed, I’d love to inform you of the high level of theft recorded on this brand of vehicle. This comes from experience and reports. One of the commonest ways of stealing the Toyota Camry, especially the tiny light is the use of special keys. However, this can be averted by simply being conscious of the environment you drive through or park your car.

To the subject of discussion, Camry boasts of low fuel consumption and very easy to maintain. Also, the car parts are readily available around Nigeria at cheaper rates compared to certain brands.

Toyota Corolla

2022 Toyota Corolla in nigeria
2022 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria

During my findings, the Corolla model of Toyota is what I lastly questioned on. Even at that, I am certain that it merits the third spot in this article.

It would have been better if Toyota named this car with something like ‘Toyota Corolla Fuel Efficient’, seriously. Apart from the Inquisition I’ve made in this car, I’ve also been opportune to house it for a week – the 2006 model. Being that I’m ‘fuel conscious, I closely studied how this baby four-wheeler consumed fuel. It’s satisfactory, I must say because spending on fuel isn’t part of the Toyota Corolla dictionary. I highly recommend this car as the best car to buy in Nigeria on economic grounds.

Toyota RAV4

2020 Toyota Rav4 XLE AWD back view in Nigeria
2020 Toyota Rav4 XLE AWD back view in Nigeria

Nothing as lovely as its rounded and sporty design.

  • Fuel usage – 85%
  • Handling – Decent
  • Maintenance – Easy level (Depends on the car owner)
  • Spare parts availability – Decent

With the little spec up here, believe me, RAV4 is what you need. This is a mini-SUV that I’ve not experienced before. But I can attest to its utility-friendly nature that you ought to buy and own it as a car in Nigeria.

Acura MDX

2022 Acura MDX
2022 Acura MDX

Lest I forget, the Acura MDX merited my list out of its sleekness, despite being a mini SUV! In some states of Nigeria like Akwa Ibom and Calabar, a working-class citizen pictures this car as the smartest deal. What is car would you not find here, luxurious design but affordable? Is it a question on the low fuel consumption that we’re dwelling on? Maintenance?

Honda Accord

2020 Honda Accord Price, Review, and Pictures in Nigeria
2020 Honda Accord Price, Review, and Pictures in Nigeria

Another car to buy is this beast – the classy Honda Accord. I assessed the 2001 Honda Accord DX and the 2006 model. There was a slight difference in fuel consumption and I noticed that the later model is more optimized in the fuel category. Apart from the fuel aspect, the sleekness of the Honda Accord DX 2001 is what you’d want to acquire.

The 2005 Honda Accord boasts of streamlined body design. It isn’t an SUV but man, the interior design is muchly more favourable on the condition of maintenance. A couple of times, I’ve had conversations with the owners of this car model. The basis of my questions was on:

  • How fast does it consume fuel?
  • What do you spend annually on maintenance?

The answers that came from the two Honda Accord owners were interesting. It is thus, the reason why I include it on my list. What I really focused on here is the maintenance ability. And yes, I must say that it’s satisfactory. On the basis of our subject, I recommend the Honda Accord on the classifications of low fuel consumption and maintenance.

Why these Cars Make a Good Deal

The cars on this list are no doubt the smartest deal you can sign up for. Do you still want me to give you reasons why these cars make a good deal? I can sense you doing ‘hmmm’. It’s okay, I’ll do anything to ease your desire.

First, the listed cars did not just come to be on this list. Each of them has a list of questions and answers that accompany it. It is after answering the questions that I pick the best. Here are why these cars make a good deal!

  • The fuel consumption is minimal.
  • You do not have to be an expert before maintaining the car. In fact, owning this sort of car teaches you how to become a mechanical engineer. How? Finding and fixing problems on the car is as cheap as, naming it.
  • Road friendliness is at a high level.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Finally, the cost is certainly something you can plan for convenience.

Best Place to Buy These Cars in Nigeria

So you are pretty confused about where you can get quality cars and be able to enjoy the car before they start giving you issues.

At, we make sure that all sellers have their cars inspected before uploading to our platform. This is to make sure that our buyers don’t buy cars that aren’t roadworthy. Also, the cars are screened to make sure that the issue of buying stolen cars doesn’t suffice on the platform. For more details on how to buy a car or sell a car in Nigeria, please click this link (how to buy a car on

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