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Best Car Batteries You Can Trust In Nigeria

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Battery! Probably the least popular of all auto components. If you grew up in Nigeria and hear adults speaking about cars, you’d definitely hear about the maintenance of different car components. From the gear to the brake and the carburetors, the importance of routine car maintenance cannot be overstated. However, the battery is given the least attention.

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The battery is as important as the fuel that powers the car. A dead car battery can ground that important trip to a wedding ceremony, business meeting, or even a casual drive around your neighborhood to a halt. Batteries are not ‘immortal’. They end up dying beyond the reach of charging and ultimately need to be replaced.

Buying qualities guarantee good performance and long battery life. Like a tour guide in a jungle safari, carmart will be helping you navigate the battery market. This write-up will help you avoid predators who want to take your money in exchange for horrible batteries.


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AGM Batteries

The brands you are about to read about are all Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM). This is because AGM batteries are light, spill-proof, have a low internal resistance, deliver high currents and more importantly, a long service life. In previous years, Lead Acid batteries used to be commonly used, but now Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the reigning battery types in the Nigerian market.

Diehard Car Batteries

As the name implies, this is a battery that does not ‘give up’ easily. Marketed by Advance Auto Parts, this battery brand is designed to outlive the vehicles it powers. Diehard batteries have been in the market since 1967 and have been passed to different owners over the years. One thing that has not changed though is the durability. For a price of ₦45000, you can get a diehard car battery.

Odyssey Car Batteries

Odyssey is one of the many brands under EnerSys. This brand is twice powerful as the average lead-acid battery. It also has triple the life of lead acid batteries. Odyssey is used in normal day-to-day vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles as well. It has a 3-10-year service life with a 400 charge-discharge cycle. Odyssey will not fail during long trips because of its extreme temperature tolerance. The brand has been around for 25 years

NAPA Car Batteries

NAPA is a colossus in battery making. They have been around since 1925. A company that has been around for 96 years should be taken pretty seriously. Short for National Automotive Parts Association, NAPA has well over 70 battery brands for different ranges of vehicles. Their batteries do well in very extreme temperatures. Their special electron model makes them thrive well in hot regions especially. With these qualities, it is no surprise they are highly rated on Consumer Report. If you are in Nothern Nigeria, you’d definitely want a NAPA battery.

Kirkland Car Batteries

Kirkland batteries are specially designed for long interstate trips. It is a good brand to recommend to a Nigerian trucker or interstate driver. The brand is solely marketed by Costco. It has optimum recharging performance with its silver-alloy plates. The silver- alloy is sealed with a paste that prevents flaking and improves battery life. Kirkland has some of the best warranty offers depending on the model you buy. Their warranty spans at least 36-months with varying money-back offers based on models purchased.

Optima Car Batteries

If you are buying an Optima battery, it is best you go for the blue top and yellowtop batteries. These two batteries have good cranking power. They recharge quickly and have low internal resistance. Its redtop model is a good substitution battery in case there is a need for one. With a minimum of ₦50000, an optima car battery can be yours to enjoy.

AC Delco Batteries

AC Delco is a subsidiary of General Motors. They have been around for over a century. Yes, you read that right- over a 100years. The AC Delco offers about 9 different brands of car batteries with the AC Delco Gold being a very potent AGM. It is designed with longevity in mind and it is a no maintenance battery. It is no surprise people trust this battery with over 50% 5-star reviews on Amazon. You can get a good Ac Delco battery for about ₦7000. You’ll get good value for your money.

Solite Car Batteries

Solite is a globally recognized battery manufacturer with an excellent reputation. Their market dominance and high-quality performance are proven. Their different battery components and models are tailored to meet different driving demands across different continents. Their price is also pocket-friendly. ₦50000 will get you a Solite car battery.

Everstart Car Batteries

It is easy for Everstart batteries to escape your radar when you are searching for car batteries because of their mouthwatering low price. You might even want to label the price a scam or sham but this brand can be found in reputable stores like Walmart. ₦32000 is just enough to buy this battery that is easy to miss. Everstart car batteries are created by Johnson Controls.

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