So why is emergency preparedness important? Accidents or any road issues can occur when you least.  expect or at some point in time, any of the issues can leave you stuck. So, plan ahead to make you have all the necessary things to ride out the storm, literally.

However, the  act  of becoming prepared means that you discipline yourself to make the time to prepare. Emergency preparedness is a basic survival skill.

Here are some essential things you must have in your car to ensure you are ready for any situation, because emergencies are inevitable in life.

First Aid Kit

 Be sure to include bandage in different sizes, antacids, guaze, handgloves, allergy medicine, tweezers, eye wash, hand sanitizers, pain relievers and cotton swab.

To be more prepared, consider packing a clinical thermometer,  heating pads and other medications you and your family might need

Tool Kit

A basic tool kit can be a life saver when your car breaks down, especially if you are far from a repair shop. Keep items such as a screw driver, tire guage, pliers, oil, brake fluid, duct tape, emergency flares( red or orange) and  a pocket knife in your tool kit. A fire extinguisher should not be excluded.

Jumper Cables

If your car’s battery, jumper cables can help you quickly get back on the road, instead of waiting a  mechanic to come along.

Attach your cables to the positive and negative battery terminals of another person’s car.

Glove Compartment

Stock your glove compartment with items you need to keep within arms reach, in case of emergency. They includes, insurance cards, car manual, copies of drivers license, Window breaker, seat belt cutter and flashlight. Flashlight can be useful if you need to look beneath your call

Spare Tires And Tire Inflater

Ensure the spare tires are in a good condition, alongside a tire jack and iron, because without them or someone to help, the spare tire is useless.


Hand Cracked Emergency Radio

When you’re stranded, a hand-crank emergency radio will provide you with weather information without the need to turn on your car and waste gasoline. Many of these radios are powered by both a hand-crank and solar panels. They even have USB ports to help charge your phone.


A small blanket can serve many purposes for a stranded driver. Most importantly, a blanket will provide much needed warmth for a stranded driver in cold weather. A blanket can also serve as a pad on which to lie if you need to get underneath your car to inspect damage or make a repair. A simple blanket can also be useful in a variety of medical emergencies

A Gallon Of Water

Keep a gallon of distilled or filtered water in your vehicle’s emergency kit primarily to ensure that you have something to drink if you are trapped inside your vehicle for more than a couple of hours. Water can also be handy if your vehicle overheats. Pour a little into your radiator to keep the motor running until you arrive at your destination. This is perhaps the bulkiest item in your emergency kit but is by far the most essential

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