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Avoid Purchasing a Car Right Now. You Should Hold Off Until 2023, and Here’s Why

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After years of high costs and poor inventory, automobile consumers may finally experience things going their way in 2023, according to industry experts, who also provide advice on how to negotiate the best deals. Your dream car may be around the corner in 2023. 

However, experts advise that if consumers want a bargain, they should still consider their options.

If you’re looking to buy a car in 2023, keep the manufacturers and the car you want to buy in mind, or models in mind.

Car purchasers are now seeing some respite after battling with exorbitant costs and a lack of vehicles.

Demand is currently stabilising, and supply chain difficulties are lessening, bringing more inventory to dealership lots. According to reports, this could lead to a 20% decline in used car costs and a 5% drop in new car prices in 2023. So imagine if you wish to buy a Tokunbo Lexus RX350, which costs up to almost ten million or more depending on the model, you can get it for five to six million. 

Customers will nevertheless need to look hard for a bargain. The finest and earliest deals in 2023 may be found in certain segments and brands, according to industry specialists in the car-buying process.

Here is what you should do.

Purchase Wisely 

According to experts and specialists, brands like Tesla, Volkswagen, and BMW are generally more expensive today than they were in the past. However, several of their rivals have reduced their inflated costs. So what this means is to avoid these cars for now and settle on other Japanese car alternatives. 

They suggest looking for more reliable but less expensive cars such as Hyundai, Mazda, and Buick, some of which still have modest price hikes but are just not as drastic as some of the other ones, concentrating on the fact that they are less than the market retail price in some dealerships, and if you decide to go for used models, you will be saving yourself some extra cost. 

Focus on More Japanese Autos 

It has been agreed upon and pointed out that Japanese brands have had more luck accumulating inventory.

There may be some potential with these brands because they have a little bit more stock than some of the import brands; what this means is that they are a variety. For example, Toyota is one of these brands that have more models for a lower cost. Whether you are buying a Corolla, Camry, Highlander, or even the Prado Jeep, you know that they would be less expensive than the BMWs. If you are looking for something more luxurious, you can get set up with a Lexus, which generally costs less than higher-end brands.

Avoid driving SUVs 

In addition to the brand, the kind of car a buyer is seeking also matters.

If you’re interested in a car that is less popular or if you live in an area where the car doesn’t sell as well as others, there may be offers available.

According to experts, used pickup trucks, minivans, convertibles, and coupes were all trading at prices lower than the national average for used cars as of November.

In order for prices to return to normal, pre-pandemic levels, they predicted that certain segments would experience the largest and fastest price drops. Later, more enticing SUVs will appear.

Despite their widespread popularity, pickup trucks don’t have outstanding fuel efficiency, so prices have decreased despite higher-than-average gas prices. When consumers are concerned about inflation and the state of the economy, they avoid buying coupes and convertibles, which are considered “fun automobiles.”

Small automobiles, which haven’t traditionally been in high demand and may appear like a clear path to a good deal, are currently quite popular due to their reasonably low purchase price and good gas mileage, according to experts. Specialists predict the pattern will last into the next year.

The car market may have been completely altered by the epidemic. But the fundamental rules of supply and demand continue to apply. In general, they advised against seeking the same item that everyone else is looking for if you want to save money.


Inflation is one of the reasons people avoid buying cars in any way. This is mostly because it affects their income and they spend more than they budgeted for. 2021 and 2022 were the years that involved high car prices for both brand-new and used cars. This would be a different case in 2023, and we hope you can wait till then.

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